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  1. Honey90, it's been a long time since I've posted and I don't even frequent the message boards much anymore but your post made me log in because I have become the same kind of acne diet fanatic! It seems the more research I do and the more I restrict my diet (and still haven't beaten my acne completely) the more fanatical I get. I don't go out to eat with coworkers much anymore because there's not much to order at most restaurants that fits my diet. I get freaked out when I have to travel and pa
  2. I've been on the Regimen for a year and a half and I still have to work hard to fight dryness. For me, the moisturizer I use has a huge effect. I've tried several moisturizers that leave me flaky after a few days. What I use now that works well for me is Complex 15 moisturizer (in the big bottle and not the tube) with a few (yes 3) drops of Jojoba oil during the day, and at night Cetaphil facial moisturizer with 15 spf (in the small pump bottle) with about 6 drops of Jojoba oil. At night since
  3. Dan, it sounds like you're doing a hell of a job sticking to an extremely hard diet. I've been doing a less strict no-carbs no-sugar diet and it's just not easy. Keep up the good work.
  4. CSR is a treatment that addresses acne as a symptom. It does little (if anything) to address the (your) root cause of acne. Your diet most likely does influence your acne but may or may not be the cause. Dan and several others are currently experimenting with the Paleo Diet to further investigate the diet and acne relationship. I have personally been on a Paleo-esque diet (no carbs besides fruit, no sugars, lots of vegies) and have seen a tremendous improvement in my acne.
  5. If you have bad carb cravings and have a history of "feminine" infections, you could have a candida yeast over growth. Do a search for candida on these forums and on google and you'll find a lot of interesting info. One of the candida pages I read awhile back made mention of the "you crave what you're intolerant to" theory but in terms of candida -- you're craving what feeds the yeast, sugar and carbs.
  6. Dan's CSR gel is worlds better than Neutragena and goes on much much smoother.
  7. Make sure to keep all BP away from your eyes -- pay special attention when moisturizing because any moisturizer you rub on your eyes after applying BP will bring the BP with it. What I do is after washing my face I FIRST apply eye moisturizer (I currently use Neutragena Healthy Eyes). After that I put a very thin line of my facial moisturizer down my 2 laugh lines because I tend to get visible wrinkle lines there. After that I apply the BP to my face avoiding both areas I just moisturized. When
  8. Although I've heard the 1 month time frame mentioned a lot I think it does take our bodies (and our acne) longer to truly change. I think the Regimen is a perfect example -- it took me 3 solid months before my acne steadied on the Regimen and around 1 1/2 - 2 months into it I had a terrible breakout. Also, I think cold turkey on the BP is likely to break you out regardless of whether you've prepped your body with the Paleo diet. We're all prone to acne and are thus more susceptible to it even un
  9. I've been on a low (and no refined) carbohydrate diet for 4 weeks and my skin is clearer than it's been in 3 years! There are lots of scientific reasons this makes sense. Refined wheat (white flour, white bread) and sugars cause insulin levels in your blood to spike. This continual fluctuation of insulin and sugar levels in your blood has a dramatic affect on acne. Insulin spikes are one of the key areas the Paleo Diet that Dan and many others are trying attempts to address. So I don't sound li
  10. I was just perusing through the diet/holistic health, one of the 2 forums I generally read when I visit acne.org (Clear Skin Regimen being the other) and I had a chuckle at the amount of times I read statements claiming that some specific food did not bother one's acne. Since most of us don't know what causes our acne -- or else we'd be rid of it -- I think these claims are generally unsubstantiated. Even if we've done ad hoc experiments by cutting out the specific food and noting that our acn
  11. Both fish oil and flaxseed oil are mentioned on these boards a lot. Up until recently I had assumed both oils served the same purpose -- providing omega-3 fatty acids. Since I never really knew what omega-3 fatty acids were, I just knew they kicked some major ass, I thought that was the whole story. It's not the whole story however, fish oil is significantly better at providing omega-3 fatty acids as it provides the right kind, EPA and DHA, where as flaxseed provides ALA which must be converted
  12. Well thanks for the replies. As far as I know I don't have any particular iodine sensitivity but then again I have yet to figure out the real root of my acne which is why I'm experimenting with my diet in the first place. If all eggs are high in iodine then I'm probably alright because I've been eating 2-3 eggs every morning. I might as well move on to the omega enriched ones. -DonJuan, saying no to carbs
  13. I've been on a low-carb diet for the past 3 weeks (coincidentally at the same time acne.org has taken an increaded interest in diet and acne). I've replaced my grain based oh so delicious cinnamon raisin breakfast with eggs and sausage. I was reading through some of the paleo diet threads and saw mention of omega-3 enhanced eggs. I picked up some of these organic eggs at the grocery store today but according to the ingredients label they seem to have a high amount of iodine, 40% daily suggested
  14. Switching too many variables at once will essentially render the experiment useless. It's a shame though, because I really want to know how the diet works AND I want a wonderful new moisturizer!