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  1. How effective is this for acne treatment? I have been using ACV and BP product...and im planning to try castor oil...apply in the evening after doing a warm water massage...and then repeat in the morning but don't apply CO. I was also wondering if i should still use BP or ACV while im using castor oil. Any suggestions?
  2. now when im washing my face, little skin bits come off my face, becomes sooo smooth....weird...but stings ...really red and i get pimples with blood clogged in them...don't know if i should pop them or not.. anyways what r some other things you guys recommend. This is my regimen morning: solocyn(oral pills) and evoclin(foam) night: tazorac 0.1 w/ light layer of evoclin i eat double X pills as my vitamin source. and eat very healthy
  3. im getting small pimples with blood clogged up in it...red, should i pop them, or leave them be...i'm using tazaroac
  4. sourpouch u taking taz with any oral medication?
  5. when do u guys apply tazarac...at night or in the morning...and is it alright to apply something else with taz?
  6. Hello, just wonderin anyone been successful and totally cleared from tazorac. I'm using it at night only after washing my face with cetaphil cleansing bar. (no moisturizer) With solocyn pills each night. And in the morning using this edoclyin...don't feel it's very effective. I have been on this for 2 weeks, and i don't see much improvement. So i was hoping if anyone has been cleared from it.
  7. I don't think eating has got to do anything with acne. I eat alot of healthy food /drink prb 5 bottles 500ml of water, work-out consistently. NEver had soda in a year. I have a healthy body, yet a severe acne. Just try to eat but don't be pyranoid about what you are eating. If your craving chocolat...go for it....that's my theory. But, I'm an atlete and try to keep my diet clean as possible. (that's why i'm skeptical of trying accutane...weaken joints, liver problems). So i think diet a
  8. did evoclin help you out with your acne....the thing is really expensive and burns like hell when u put it on?
  9. i use tazorac at night with evoclin....i don't notice the severe peeling or anything but it's only been 4 days that i have used it....and im amazed how quickly all the big pimples are reducing in size. They all popped, bleed and disappeared and I can clearly see results, But it might be due to my solocyn or evoclin (i use it with tazorac). I don't know evoclin kills when i put it on...but tazorac feels like just other gels.
  10. i just got the thing today....i have checked the forum around and i can't find any info on it....the thing for a bottle was 185$$$$$$ hope it works. It's a foam and i have no clue how to apply it on. Do i have to wash my face after i put it on....or just leave it?
  11. yo i just got this today....i hope someone has more info on it