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  1. I´ve been on a the regimen for over a year, now im off the regimen and clear, but very pale and i wanna use one of that fake tans cream or lotions, are they safe to use or will clog my pores and cause a total mess ?? thanks in advance
  2. Hypo-allergenic With Aloe Vera, Cocoa Butter, Collagen & Vitamin E Formulated with aloe vera, cocoa butter, collagen and vitamin E to help keep your NO-AD tan longer. Our special rich and creamy blend of moisturizers will help give you softer, smoother, naturally healthier looking skin. Ingredients: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Water, Mineral Oil, Glycerin, Glycerol Monostearate, Stearic Acid, Collagen, Aloe Vera, Triethanolamine, Cetyl
  3. thanks for the fast reply ! another question : i have a lotion named Tan presever and Extender, i really dont know if this could make my red marks worse or even my skin tone ... what do you think ?
  4. my dad bought a 45 spf sun protector mosturizer and i wonder if its any problem to use it. i havent a super sensitve skin and a 15 spf would be fine, but using 45 spf will not make any harm, right ? just want to be sure thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks for the replies yes indeed is a small price to pay, i can not belive im almost clear in 3 mouths ... and btw regi_1, i apply bp in my forehead and sometimes accidentaly some bp goes to my eyebrows
  6. I want my Eyebrows back to normal !! is there a quick solution for this ? please help !
  7. Here is my situation : im on the crs since 4 months, im clear except for one deep nodule, but i have several red marks and uneven skin tone, there are red zones and stuff like that, i was thinking about tanning because i just want a equal skin tone for all my face i just dont know what consequences and how it will affect the regimen results so you tell me please. thanks.
  8. ok, there´s a nodule or cyst that never ever came to a head, it´s there for about five months, it was only noticiable for me when i touch my face, but now its getting red, not inflamed just red whats going on with it ? btw im on the crs
  9. Is ok to use aloe vera while on the regime ? and how should i apply it ? after washing my face? after putting bp ? thanks
  10. I guess there are a lot of threads about this but i couldnt find any im on the crs for about three weeks, y have no active acne now, super-soft skin but i will continue using bp to prevent outbreaks. I have some redmarks from acne, what can i do for them DURING regimen ??? (aleo vera maybe ??) i just want to be sure not to mess up the regimen thanks.
  11. thanks to you all for the replies
  12. im on the csr for two weeks and its working well, but i have dryness and there is a lot of dead skin that makes me look crappy i apply a lot of moisturizer for the dryness but this peeling effect dont go away, instead of that, the dead skin turns a little yellow/brow and it looks horrible ! how can i manage to exofilate without irriting my skin ?exofilation is the only real solution to this ? answer please!