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  1. Hi all! Well ive been a member on here since 2007? I used the regimen for about 6 months and then i was clear and i am still clear of acne. I stopped using BP after about 7 months and my acne has not come back (sure the odd pimple but thats no bother), i did however need to keep using moisturizer. So for some years now i have not used BP and my skin has been fine untill now all of sudden its very very flakey,tight,red and itchy (mainly my forehead). Ive also noticed that the flakes are a sl
  2. Lo All im just wondering when the Exp dates are for the BP Gel and the Cleanser on my BP Gel it says 06/08 does this mean Exp date is 2008? i carnt seem to find an Exp date on the Cleanser (Dans Cleanser)? i know that my Cetaphil Moisturizer exp's in the year 2008 so plenty of time left on that Happy Xmas To All!
  3. the best razor is the Mach 3 power and remmeber to replace the blades when you see the Yellow/White strip gone/very faded i get around 5 shaves out of 1 Mach 3 Power blade i also tried the Electric shaver once i shelled out £100+ for the newest phillshave it was and it was horrible i allways find wet shaving is best for me ill never use an electric shaver again just dont suit my skin at all i allways find using an after balm totally fks my skin up and burns like hell but hey its upto you i al
  4. i carnt wait either i think its good that Dan aint rushing the Moisturizer this way when its released it will be a great moistruizer
  5. i use dans cleanser to shave now it works great for me i allways shave my neck first and try to only get my neck wet with warm water and just make sure my face is nice and wet then i lather then i quickly wet my neck again and shave i do the same for my face i find that if you wet your whole face + neck and apply any kind of shaving foam or cleanser and you dont shave it off and then rinse it off quickly you get dry(er) skin well for me anyway i allways got dry skin when shaving but now i sha
  6. this is the same for me! when i dont use enough moisturizer i get a few spots near that area
  7. not a good idea to Exfoliate while on the BP as exfoliating will make your face more dry and peeling also just try to stick to 1 or 2 moisturisers i Exfoliated while on the CSR and it made me dryer way dryer bud
  8. stick with it dude took me ages aswell bro but trust me im sooo glad i did not quit my skin is great now im so fkin happy now days
  9. have it cut? when my hair gets longish i get the odd strands on my forehead and it dont make my hair bleach noor my eyebrows and im very careless near my eyebrows guess im jus lucky
  10. i use Dans Cleanser to shave and its great i wouldent risk using any Shaving Foam if you have Sensitive skin it will more than likely break you out
  11. yeah for sure but some people it works good if they just use at night each to there own tho
  12. no i was using the Cetpahil with SPF15 in for a good few months with good results nps at all i brought 1 bottle ofit and it did last a long time but i forgot to order more so its gone and i had to use this other Cetaphil without SPF15 in and my skin dont like it i think its cause of the Alcohol init tbh ... i should be getting me 2 bottles of Cetaphil with SPF15 in today tho :D im at the UK so ordering from USA it does take awhile for it to arrive have you tryed the Cetaphil with SPF15 in at
  13. well it works a treat for me but i do have mild acne its prob best to do the Regimen at night if you have mild acne and just moisturise in the morning this is what i do anyway and its worked but if doing the regimen morning+night is working then carry on bro
  14. hmm personally i wouldent touch saunas at all it will break you out tho thats for sure if your using BP its a bad idea to go in a sauna
  15. i got this aswell and my face was very very red it does go away in time tho best thing to do is be extra gentle this helped me your prob allready doing this but just wanna let ya know it does go away
  16. well i gotta say its not for me noor my hair and im quite careless aswell i think on this part im damn lucky
  17. moisturize more on those spots i used to get this aswell for me it was because there went enough moisturizer on those certain areas but once i applied more moisturizer to those places it did go maybe try this??
  18. rosacea but im 100% clear lol its defo not Sunburn we dont get much sun here in the UK i can remember getting this with a moistruiser with SPF15 init it was Boots botanaics but this was as soon as i applyed it and it was worse and i got it with the Eucerin moisturizer with SPF15 in the 1 thats not being produced anymore but wore off after about a week this was when i was first using BP tho....same happend with the Cetaphil with SPF15 in but wore off in like 5mins now i dont get it at all may
  19. Hi all all the moisturizers without SPF fck up my skin bad i used the Cetaphil one last night the one without SPF15 got up showered and bam my skin was red as fook this happend with the Eucerin 5% Urea cream aswell it seems that those without sp15 fck my skin up ive barely got any Cetaphil with spf15 in left im hoping it comes tday (fri or sat) otherwise im fcked any1 know why this happens to my skin when i use the cetaphil with spf15 my skin is fine
  20. klosot

    week 3 on csr

    lol you look like Juan Román Riquelme hair looks better short bro check the pic out of him > http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:JR_Riquelme.jpg lol you look like his Brother
  21. yeh i wear long sleeved aswell thnx for the comments
  22. Hi all ok thinking of getting a Tattoo on my arm next week im just wondering would this react or anything with BP i do only use BP on my face but still thought id ask just incase gonna get a Male Angel with wings in chains
  23. klosot

    Midsommar (swedish Holiday)

    dude u gotta be sh!tt!n me man! you have the clearest skin ive seen ever on acne.org no lie at all man you look like this guy called Mikey on Big Brother in the uk!
  24. thnx Brandy this Cleanser is great its really helping alot with my dryness caused by Basis soap bar and it lathers real well and best of all its not broke me out! ill keep my fingers crossed tho i have just 1 red mark which is fading shud be gone in 1 week or less then my whole face is 100% clear apart from maybe 2 very very small not noticeable pimples/blocked pores
  25. ok just an update seems to be ok now past 2 days no stinging at all think it was just my skin adjusting to it