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  1. How can I tell if i got the new batch or old one with my latest shipment? THe tube design looks like same... I dont have problems with redness so I'm not able to tell.
  2. I mix the two. I wash with Purpose then salicylic acid in the shower then apply dan's bp afterward. It isn't too drying for me and it worked much better than the BP alone did.
  3. Saw a HUGE improvement, before it would seem like I would get several new pimples every day and they were HUGE too. Now its about a few a week and they are really small.
  4. Is this a joke? Anyways, I dont think it can be done. If your back is not acne prone in the first place you won't be able to get it to break out severely. However, if it is already bad I think rubbing oil and grease all over it may trigger it.
  5. why are you all taking so long? It takes me about 2 minutes max to put on the cream!
  6. Use the purpose bar. If you are really oily like I am it'll be good. Degreases excellently.
  7. Have you tried looking for the Neutrogena Facial Bar? It's brownish orange and transparent.
  8. Hm...I'm not 100% sure this will work so anybody with more knowledge/experience feel free to correct me. Just do the regimen in the morning, and when you get back from work, just wash your face to get rid of that disgusting oil, but don't do the regimen y et, it's a waste of time. Then when you get back home after going out or whatever, wash your face before bedtime and do the regimen then. It just seems disgusting to go to bed with an oily face, and not wearing BP in those few hours between
  9. Results are mixed. I will almost completely clear up at the end of the week or so, and then start breaking out again, and then nearly clear up, etc. I need to find out exactly what's wrong.
  10. How important is waiting 15 minute between washing and BP application and 5-15 min. between BP and lotion? I've been on the regimen for about 5 months now and I almost never wait between the steps.
  11. $2.97?!? Is that an everyday low price?
  12. I use the Eucerin Renewal with Alpha Hydroxy Acid. It moisturizes REALLY well but after a while it'll make your face extremely oily. Also, when you first put it on after you apply BP these little "pools" of BP/lotion mixture will start to appear and you have to rub it off. Quite annoying.