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  1. I would definetelty say that whole grains and such that are unprocessed are much better. your body will be more adaquately able to process these carbs. the more "natural" it is, the better.
  2. I use the cream cleanser, and am quite satisfied. it doesnt clean that hardcore, as in, your skin will feel quite moisturized even after washing. also it has really gentle exfoliants that you can barely feel, but definetely help even out skin tone and reduce pore size.
  3. hmmm....i see a couple different options as far as those lamps go. any idea which brand is more effective? has anyone done any research on this topic? to recap, there is available the: DermaLux http://www.dermalux.co.uk/ Verilux http://www.healthytan.com/vl-acnelight.htm AcneLamp http://www.acnelamp.com/acnelamp_001.htm they all seem to work on the same principle, but i could only assume one is better. has anyone compared the specs to these three? perhaps one is more intense?
  4. by the way, i wrote a very long post about this several months back, which seemed to have hallen on deaf ears. http://acne.org/messageboard/viewtopic.php...=882&highlight= obviously i agree with what you say. it is ridiculous to say that certain foods can help promote better skin while also rejecting the idea that acne can be worstened by an improper diet. "Some people absolutely insist that a certain food causes acne for them. In this case, doctors sometimes recommend that they avoid
  5. i use salycilic acid at night, which helps to exfoliate and leave my skin smoother in the morning. then i use 2.5 BP during the day.
  6. While most people trying to dispell the "myth" that acne can be triggered by a certain foods, they tend to agree that a "balanced diet" is beneficial in helping retain clear skin. Most of us would also agree that taking multivitamins, oils that contain essential fatty acids, and other remedies such as lemon juice helps to clear our skin. If we can agree that certain foods defintely *DO* clear up acne, then why is it that the medical community continues to insist that the opposite cannot be tru
  7. goto your derm and they will inject it with cortizone.
  8. You guys have to be VERY careful with doing this on the regular; the acid in the lemon will gradually wear away at the crown of your teeth. If you don't believe me, ask your dentist. this one kid i knew had to stop drinking powdered lemon beverage every day because his dentist told him that it was destroying his enamel. BE VERY CAREFUL!!
  9. Hi, I'm looking for a good dermatologist in the NYC/Manhattan area; I don't to having anything major done, just some minor removal of fluid. Is there anyone who lives in NYC who can vouch for their particular dermatologist? Also, it would be better if they were more flexible with health insurance. thanks
  10. I have found this system to be quite useful, but maybe I am wrong and there is a better way to do it? for cleaner I use clean and clear cream cleaners which is gentle enough to be used several times a day. Duriing the day I use 10% BP and I might reapply it if I wash my face. I can't use BP too often, because it will overdry, so I use Neutrogena salicyclic acid multi-vitamin treatment at night, which smooths out my skin at night and exfoliates. Once in a week I might use apricot scrub to exf