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  1. Hi LQ. I hope all is well on your side of the pond... :)

    1. Thanks for support.

      1. Mike-- so sorry to hear about all the shit you are going through. Stay strong, kid. I'm rooting for you.

        1. how's life, college boy?

          1. LionQueen

            Green Cream 6 breakouts

            It definitely makes your skin more sun-sensitive, so I'd suggest a hat or visor with a big brim, plus the sunscreen. You don't have to stay out of the sun altogether, just be careful.
          2. more visting please

            1. LionQueen

              Green Cream 6 breakouts

              The key to minimizing an initial breakout is to keep inflammation down as much as possible. Some suggestions: --oral/topical ibuprofen --topical ketoprofen --topical niacinamide --icing face daily --finacea (may cause dryness or irritation if used in conjunction with green cream, so you'll have to be careful) --anti-inflammatory foods such as ginger root; I suggest searching the Nutrition forum for more info Personally I was past the worst of the purging after 2 months, but everyone's skin is
            2. We'll miss you. :(

              1. LionQueen


                Accutane works in a number of ways, not just by affecting the sebaceous glands. It is a retinoid, and like topical retinoids, it purges the skin by forcing all existing comedones to the surface. For some people, this simply means that a bunch of blackheads show up and pop out. But others, especially those who are more prone to inflammatory acne, can end up with a painful breakout.