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  1. I have not used much of anything to "get rid of the scars". I have had these scars/big pores for 2 years. After my big acne, I was left with red dot marks and they turned into (what is in the picture). I can live with the scars I got now but I am really afraid IF IT WILL TURN INTO something worst next; so was wondering if the Youthful Ess. can fix up my scars/large pores. mz43026 ~ so you think the Youthfull Ess. stuff would help on my scars? Why Youth Ess. did not work on your scars? Ar
  2. I am Asian male with minor indent scars Have any of Asian used the Youth Essence by Susan Lucci? Does it lessen the scar? does it IMPROVE ANYTHING? Thank you! pics:
  3. does this Youth Essance work on indent scars and enlarged pores?!?!?! PLEASE HELP THANKS!
  4. it only works for BASIC BASIC pimples... if you got big acne, dont even waste your $$ on Proactive. did not work on my asian skin.
  5. you guys got any BEFORE AND AFTER photos of success stories?!?
  6. Before vinager, I still had acne and used some medicine to dry out the acne. I have long NOT used the vinegar method because I did not see much improvement on my scars. The vinegar only made my skin smoother/maybe softer. I do not really want to try all those methods with peels, laser, TCA etc etc; mainly cause they cost lots of $$ and nothing is for sure, don't want to take chance. I rather just try some special serum, eating vitamin or something like that because if they do not repair the
  7. ^ Hahaha.... no no, I didn't mean it that way. Just didn't think posts from 3 yrs ago are still on this board. Yea, understand how hard it must be for female asians cause most ppl think asian females should have nice skin.... Don't know how "asian" you are but have you try those Asian Beauty & Facial places, in particular from Hong Kong or Taiwan? I heard they have treatments for acne and scars. They are mostly for females too. I am thinking about going there to seek some advice/sugge
  8. I am currently using those two to kill small pimples and repair skin for fresh indents and they work well together. But want more info as to what they are. Thanks!
  9. BTW from experience, I do think after solving the acne problem, you should pay attention to the aftermath: any scars/spots left behind and find methods to repair the skin ASAP. Otherwise if you leave it, the spots might turn into indent scars unfortunately. Because now I still do get one or two pimple sometimes. And I put some "1% Dalacin Topic Solution" on the pimple. This medicine is pretty effective with smaller pimples. But doubt it will work on the massive acne I had back in 2003. Anothe
  10. ^ wow, even I barely remember what I wrote back in 2003; cause I haven't visit this forum since 2003 (when I had the acne problem) until recently (which I wanted to solve the scar problem).... anyway... The vinegar method does not really helped me with pimples. I don't know the "acidity, PH" and all that... But the people on here said vinegar can make the face's PH or something more balance. However, the vinegar did make my face feel more smooth when I used it. Do you got pics of the pr
  11. ^ You are in luck. I happen to take lots of pics from 2003 to now. Check out my gallery, just uploaded pics of 2003-now. 2003 was the worst, red bumps on both side of the face. 2004 pimples cooled down a little. less red BUMPS, but the still red with different coloring. =
  12. anticop23


  13. hey your pics are not working .... pls fix it... want to see thanks
  14. ^ it was strange, my acne was quite bad 2-3 years ago, so my doctor prescribed some "anti-biotics". which he told me could damage the liver etc. (the acne got quite bad, so the anti-biotics was the LAST RESORT). Then i guess the anti-biotic worked somewhat. no more pimples and left with some red marks and now, 2-3 years later, the area where the pimples, red marks were are now what it looks like in the photos. I did not get any big break outs anymore ..... so to answer your question , I guess
  15. I am asian male who had acne problem about 2 years ago. But no more acne problem probably due to age, now 22. - with large pores, may be cause I am a guy (most guys have rougher skin?) - with some scars due to acne problem before can my scars be characterize as Ice pit scars? (view pics below) My question: 1.) How to make large pores smaller? I heard using woman "mask" or "clay-like" products will help make pores finer? Thanks for the help! FACE - RIGHT SIDE FACE - LEFT SIDE =