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  1. yo man, i seen you looked on my profile, would you recommend roaccutane?? as i am lookin into it??

    1. he probably went to the dermatologist and probably got accutane/roaccutane or laser treatment
    2. hey how is everything with u? xxx

      1. Yeah I have lots of red marks as well, people say they don't look bad and my dermatologist said in a years time I will have nothing, my face will be completly free of marks, so yeah it is kind of frustrating that after taking this drug which does work well, its still such a pain to see others with clear skin and you still aspiring to get there. My face is also smooth and still kind of dry, it's been over 2 months since i stopped accutane, hopefully thats a good sign.
      2. We need BeenThereDoneThat's opinion, I have one from last year, i think it wil heal and flatten out to my normal skin hopefully
      3. its been 5 months for me and my face has so many red marks, my spots have gone but my face still looks like crap, i really am losing hope, i thought it would work roaccutane but well i dont know.
      4. my dad said hes stopped when he was 22-23. im 20 and on 4 months of tane, i hope it can keep it bay now until i reach 22-23 or become more mild. Good luck Gregas
      5. so are you completely flawless now mate, or do you have some marks, spots etc. Put it this way, my derm said if it does come back it will be no where as near bad so well good luck man.
      6. You're almost there buddy, you'll have clear skin. For me its been now 4 months exactly on Thursday and I got an appointment next Monday.
      7. well done, im currently apporaching the end of month 4, 2 on 40 mg and 2 on 65 mg, still got a lot of red marks, but my pimples are gradually dying away. Still have a way to go though
      8. yeah me too, since ive taken roaccutane, i feel so much better for some strange reason. Even though at times i looked like crap in the beginning i just felt at ease, because this medicine is proven quality rather than using antibiotics and topicals, which are so frustrating because you dont know whether they are or will work. Good luck mate and heres to happy and clear skin!
      9. Mate, ive been moved up to 65mg from 40 and my face has looked better, still a way to go with the red marks, however for the first time in almost 3 years i can see my true face, if you know what I mean and I dont want to sound arrogant and cocky but I like what I see and Im determined to go through some more tricky times with roaccutane to get the ulitmate clear skin, its like i can touch the paradise of a clear face, do you know what I mean. Good luck dude but either 65 or 40 mg, you'll make i
      10. Spezza your 24 now, so maybe when roaccuatane wears off you would have maybe outgrown it, im 20 and taking it, so i hope by the time it wears off Id outgrown it or it comes back in a more mild manageable way. If it comes back as mild, then i will no way take a 2nd course of roaccutane.
      11. Good luck man, but your acne aint that bad anyway, but you'll be 100 percent sorted.
      12. I am first approaching the 3 month mark, is it from this point I will see dramatic improvement because there isnt that much yet, the pimples are going but have a lot of red marks.