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  1. the gnc brand didn't work for me, but the vitacure brand cleared me up 99%. and my initial breakout lasted for like 6 weeks. you have to wait at least 3 months to really see the results.
  2. it took about two months for me to totally clear up. i actually had a really bad initial breakout and didn't see that start to clear up until about 6 weeks in. however the result is so fabulous that the inital breakout was sooo worth it.
  3. HELP! i've been on b5 for 3 months now and have recently started reducing the amount. my skin is 99% clear, but i'm having a bit of a freak out right now. i ordered a new months supply a few days ago, and it still has not arrived. it's been 3 days since i ran out of my last supply, and i'm EXTREMELY worried that i'm going to have some kind of massive breakout if i don't get my order asap. i know i'm being very dramatic, but i'm just very worried. i don't think the the order will be arriving unt
  4. i started using the eucerin redness night cream a while ago, because even though my face was clear, it was always very red. i started using it just on my nose (the reddest part of my face grr) in case it made me break out. it took a week or two to notice any difference, but it actually really helps. my face is not at all red anymore. it took about a month for me to see full results, but i think it was well worth it. oh but just so you know, when you first put it on it makes your skin look more
  5. Nice one!! HOW could it be placebo?? SERIOUSLY, so many people have seen results on this, and many have 100% clearing. you cannot just will your acne to go away, if we could do that we would all be clear by now, with all the hope that we get when we start a new regimen or try something new... no way, not placebo. By the way Playground Love, did you have an initial breakout when you started B5? Thanks yeah i actually had a pretty bad initial breakout. for the first 5 weeks or so
  6. thank you for clearing all that up minds i!! as far as healing goes, i recently added vitamin c to my regimen (2 pills a day=1g) and have noticed a huge difference in healing, pore size, and my skin in general. i would definitely recommend that. i'll definitely reduce by half a gram a week and see how it goes : )
  7. ^^ yeah, i've often wondered if that was the case. but my skin is clear, so it really doesn't bother either way lol
  8. sorry if this question has already been asked... i began taking b5 (10g a day) two months ago and my skin is now totally and completely clear. i honestly could not be happier, but i was just wondering when i should start reducing my amount. i'm TERRIFIED of my acne returning, so i want to make sure i start reducing the amount at the correct time, and that i do it right. is it likely that my acne will return? any replies would be greatly appreciated : )
  9. i've been taking b5 vitamins for about a month (vitacure, 10g a day). my skin got much worse the first two weeks, then cleared up a bit the next, and is now back to looking terrible. i'm very frustrated because others seem to see results within a few days! do you think i should stick with it, or is it safe to say it just isn't working for me? gggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!
  10. awww kanmi, i'm sending you a million cyber hugs right now!! it seems like you're at your breaking point. try to calm down first...make yourself some tea and curl up and watch a good disney movie. i know it's hard, i really do. i'm right where you are. my skin was so clear for a long time, and now i can't even look in the mirror. i was just getting used to having a life, and now that's not even an option. but we'll both get through this. i don't know when, but i promise you we will.
  11. 5 minutes of research, years and years and years of pretentious insincerity. your aggression makes me head hurt.
  12. i too just started taking b5. i got them at gnc, and the ones i have are also 500 mg and contain 100 pills. i take 20 a day, which equals out to 10g a day. this is the recommended dose, but you don't have to take that many since they are expensive. i've read of effectiveness anywhere from 3g - 10g a day. however it isn't at all dangerous to take 10g a day since they are water-soluble, and from my research they were most effective in people taking 10g a day. i'm very happy so far (i'm on day 11),
  13. the thing is, normally i would expect an initial breakout, it's just that my skin looks EXACTLY like it did before i went on minocycline. maybe b5 just isn't working? AHHHHHHHHHHH!
  14. omfg i hate my skin. i feel like screaming at the top of my lungs. i can't deal with this anymore. i have to get rid of my acne. i was taking minocycline for 5 months and it cleared me up really well, but about a month ago i realized that it had stopped working, and now my skin is shit. i've been on b5 for one week (and zinc for 2 weeks), and i swear my skin is getting worse. is an initial breakout normal? please help i'm so desperate.