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  1. Although I have found the Simple for men range is overly drying!
  2. Hi Guys, Was wondering if anybody else has experienced acne alongside new facial hair growth. Over the last year (as I get older) my beard line seems to be growing higher and higher up my cheeks (monkey esque). Ive noticed that I`m getting a lot of little red marks and that the skin is generally looking redder around this area. I`m not changed my routine (simple face wash for men followed by Nivea oil free moisturiser) and my diet has always been clean..... Just wondered if I`m suffe
  3. I am suffering from a simular thing...my skin looks reddish/purple and no matter what I do nothing seems to fade/get rid of it!!!!!! Fucking Acne.
  4. Hey Guys, After switching to the regimen I am about as clear as I think I ever will be.....although I seem to have developed what appears to be a red patch of skin on my chin. When I look in certain light I looks like there are bumps under the skin but it is smooth to the touch ????? Anybody ever suffer from anything simular, I have tried applying more BP to it but this just seems to aggravate it? Thanks Sai
  5. Sounds interesting......I will jump online and check it out Yeah Im worried that after reading some posts on this site that my product might be doing more harm than good........ Thanks for your advice Sai
  6. A vicious circle.....Acne makes me stay in.....so.....you spank the monkey.... Now you guys are saying I should deny myself of even that pleasure.......lol!
  7. Hey Guys and Gals, I did a search before posting but didnt really find what I was looking for. I have been using Clearasil Gentle Power for the past few years.....it has never got me completely clear but I have persavered with it. After reading many posts on the site it appears that the facewash I am using has some major shortcomings; -it is franganced quite heavily and lists SLS as an active ingredient -it contains microbead particles which exfloiate I currently
  8. Just to add my experiences on top of this.....it really is a double edged sword! I tanned and my skin looked great...the redness of my marks just blended into the tan....great!!!!! However I noticed that I began aging more rapidly and wrinkles began to appear (despite having a constant oil slick as skin)....still wrinkles in my opinion are better than red marks.....so I kept tanning. Then someone very close to me who also tanned was diagonosed with Skin Cancer....that really brought it home..
  9. Oats have many health benefits..........each to his own I guess
  10. GNC carry the entire SOLGAR range..anything they dont have can be ordered.... hope this helps Sai
  11. I think some beauty salons carry out milia extractions as well and I`ve also read that although not recommended it is possible to extract these yourself....
  12. 26years old...have been fighting acne since 17....gone from mild to moderate to mild to moderate.........its an ongoing battle! Like most people have tried all the otc products but to no advail.........my drs have all been useless prescribing ineffective courses of antibiotics......... This site is a god send and makes you realise that you arent alone....