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  1. thatd be so embarrassing to get caught stealing acne products
  2. its just clogged pores. any salcyclic acid leave on product with a 1.5 percent or above concentration will get rid of those sons of bitches pretty quick
  3. are you saying its okay to fuck 8 year olds? cause if so
  4. what salcyclic acid product is best? i've heard this too
  5. i got this figured out. its from some ingredient in your toothpaste and (i think) mixed with general carelessness in the cleaning of your mouth. you drool at night and it breaks you out. so what i do is brush my teeth and tounge super thoroughly, wash my mouth out with water, and then wash my mouth out with listerine, also thoroughly. then i avoid eating and drinking (except water) until the next morning. worked for me.
  6. i need to incorporate salcylic acid into the regimen somehow, without completely overdrying my face. around my chin area i get these whiteheads that i want to get rid of, and the regimen works well on those, but my forehead and temples have small skin colored bumps all over them and the regimen doesn't really cut it for these. i tried salyclic acid on them for a couple days and it helped significantly, but the pimples on my chin started to come back. so anyway... i'm stuck. suggestions? i w
  7. i have a lot of non inflammatory acne under and between my eyes and on my forehead. i was wondering if the regimen is effective in getting rid of these. what product should i be using for this?
  8. new proddy omg http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp...x=29067&tab=1#1
  9. and they swelled up and are now redder then they were before. should i continue to apply there or should i just leave them alone? i don't even know if these are pimples...
  10. red marks and hyperpigmentation are two different things???