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  1. Howdy folks. Just a note, but Ive had smoothbeam, needling, hard micro, etc done on my nose scars. I also have had 4 fraxel treatments. My conclusion: this isnt a panacea, but it is pretty useful. As you may know, nose scars are very difficult to treat. Overall, the 4 treatments have probably improved my scars 20%. Most of the improvement has come from the outside edges, not from the deepest part of the scars. It seems to encourage growth into the scar area, but that also means that the
  2. Hi all. Here is some info that came from medscape. Nonablative Laser Therapy Significantly Improves Acne Scars Nov. 15, 2004  Nonablative laser therapy appears to be safe and significantly improves mild to moderate facial scarring due to acne, with posttreatment continuation of dermal collagen remodeling, according to the results of a prospective study published in the November issue of the Archives of Dermatology. "Recently, nonablative lasers, light sources, and radiofrequency
  3. This came in as spam, so Im SUPER leery, but thought Id post it to see if anyone has ever head of this, or has any thoughts. This board collectively has more knowlege than ANY plastic surgeon or derm Ive ever known, so just thought ID throw this out there...... Divegod http://www.healthsensations.com/sod/
  4. Works for me. I do the same when Im in exfoliation mode....though be careful of over exfoliating with the st. ives, it can happen easily when the retin a kicks into gear.....
  5. Im stoked for those people that had success with CP. For me, it didnt help much, if at all. Curiously, Im also using the active ingredient in kinerase, an almay product called kinetin, right now. Re-discovered it in my "medicine bag" the other day as I was prepping for the needling. I really do like its consistency, havent used it long enough to comment on its efficacy, but Im going to use that as the needling heals also. Heres what Im doing. AM Wash wth PD castille soap PD IG Manuka Ho
  6. I was sort of thinking the same about the CP. I really hate to say that also, but I really have seen more improvement with the IG than I ever did with CP. Drag, huh? I really thought/hoped that CP was going to be the magic bullet for some people. Okay then, IG it is! BTW, Im keeping them very well covered with neosporin for the first two days after needling, nothing irritating. But, when thats over, Im gonna go with IG twice daily, after washing. Then, cover with neosporin or emu oil. Gr
  7. Hi all. I just got done doing a minor needling on a scar Ive been slowly working on for months. I was wondering if anyone can think of any reason that I shouldnt use IG on the needled area? I was going to use CP and emu oil after a few days, but Ive become a bit disillusioned about what the CP is able to do. My results in using it last time were less than stellar. Having said that, I'd love to hear from anyone who has done both, or even anyone who feels strongly about the use of either prod
  8. LOL, had to put that title up. Never investigated regenerist, but Im pretty jaded after having tried so many topicals over the years. It would have to have some really extraordinary properties to convince me its worth a try. Ive heard that CO2 can make skin less "open" to further treatments, though Ive no evidence why this migh be so. Possibly the skin, having just regenerated, has a tougher stratum corneum as a response?? Also, its adsorbant qualities may be different for other reasons lik
  9. We used the VVG stain in the lab, and what I think theyre referring to is the ability to look at scarred tissue with the help of this stain. No where does it state that this is specific to scar tissue, only that it made it possible to differentiate from other tissues. Elastic tissues are generally (when talking about skin) referring to collagen. In other body parts, this might refer to structures such as ligaments, muscle fibers, etc. So, I guess it sounds a little misleading and like they w
  10. You dont have scars. Youve got healing. If youve had them for, at the oldest, a week, you dont have scars. Wash your face and use BP if you have problems. Dont engage in acid peels, exfoliation, or anything other than a basic skin care regimen. Certainly dont use any bleaching agents. What youve got is completely normal, nothing to be done about it other than let (a short) time pass.
  11. Olive oil would even, theoretically, be better. Theres a lot of antioxidants in olive oil, and it would probably be less comedogenic (sp?). But, would it stay in place for long enough? I dont think it would, which is why I use vaseline. Please give it a try though and tell us your results. I dont think it could hurt.... Yes, most of the tissue slides were stained in various ways. I dont think you could stain in vivo skin. 1. most of the stains used were a bit nasty, and I wouldnt want
  12. Hey there Sarge! Hmmm, very curious as to where you got the biolamp, and why you decided to use it in your regimen.....Theres some good research about use of light therapy in treatment of wounds, and I like this idea. Please tell us more.
  13. Hi all, and thanks for the kind words. I rarely post because sometimes my experience and training run counter to what people believe or want to believe, so I get grief. As for me, Ive gotten 85-90% improvement in some of my scars, but only about 30-50% in others, so there is no panacea out there. Animegirl (who I have a crush on ) got it right, there needs to be a multidimensional approach to treating these things. Which leads me to my next thought...... We all have been pretty aggressive
  14. Okay, I used to work in a lab where I grew skin for burn victims, and have seen a LOT of microscopic exams of scar tissue. 1. The collagen is malformed. As in not properly aligned, and just irregular (lumps, clumps, running in the "wrong" direction, etc) 2. Remodeling of scar tissue has been seen to occur for as long as 6 years. Eventually, the process of remodeling slows down or seems to stop. 3. The immune reaction to scar tissue is to try to break it down, then lay down properly aligne
  15. Sadinchicago, you are correct. I didnt mean to impy that it goes on your skin. If I was unclear, Im sorry.