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  1. you know same here, i mean i KNOW i have blackheads, and you can see the blackheads, which are small, but all my pores on my nose are like that...BUT like you dont notice them.. weird huh? anyway, like two days ago i got a ruldoph nose! i hardly breakout really bad, maybe one or two pimples (decent size) eh, whatever, but on my nose! it felt my pores on my nose were all clogged up!
  2. Yeah, I used to be a daily poster here on acne.org but yeah, my acne went away after a whole year of hell. now i am like 95% clear probably a little more AND my red spots are like hardly visible anymore. But lately, i've been getting a couple of pimples here and there, and just WANT IT TO STOP LIKE FOREVER! haha. NEOBENZ MICRO 5.5% This stuff is hellstrong! but doesnt dry out! ask your derm ASAP! ofcourse you still need to use a moisturizer! So far i'm doing great, just have one pimple abo
  3. actually, just drink water water water - eat healthy healthy healthy AND DO work out, you'll get stronger, more fit, more lean AND look great. anyone care for a confidence booster? i think so. hit the weights kids :]
  4. i think we have similar problems. if you DO have some mild rosacea get ELYDEL (it's a NON-STEROID cream that is safe for your skin, so if u get red and sometimes dry skin around the nose and crevices, use that - gotta go to a derm though) OR put very little BP, cuz that IS acne, but MOISTURIZE right after. cheers.
  5. i just went to the derm, my face is like 90% clear. pimples here and there, small - but i just wanna say goodbye once and for all. she put me on this
  6. fucking a man, everytime i shave my mustache area - i BREAK OUT the next couple of days!!! Why!? Like, i never shave right, it's not a mustache, just facial hair i guess, cuz it's definatley not thick - but when I'm all, "hey i wanna shave." and I do, I end up with like pimples on EITHER side of my top lip area under my nose etc. WHAT GIVES!? I'm 18, yeah puberty is still probably the case, but c'moooooooon.!!!
  7. Shit I HATE NEUTROGENA. Isnt it Salyic Acid? Ewww. lol. No longer than 30 sec. dude. Seriously you might dry out
  8. well first find out whether or not you DO have rosacea. You MIGHT just have severe dry skin. Is it flaky? Dry? Red? Irritated? Try moisturizers (Cetaphil SPF 15) Consult your dermatoligist to see your skin condition. I have i think a mild form or psorisis. Almost like rosacea but redness n' dry skin. It's like almost gone, but I dont think it will ever be. I use ELYDEL cream. STAY AWAY FROM TOPICAL STEROIDS!!! But yeah, it's a bitch having acne AND Rosacea or Psorisis. But yeah, my acne is
  9. So yeah, I haven't posted here in a LONG time. Emphasize on long. lol. But yeah - i used to be a regular here, I had severe cystic acne, everything you name it. Of course it wasn't THAT bad as some, but close. Anyways, it's been like almost a year being somewhat clear (if i'd put it in a % it'd be like 85-90%) and yeah, the majority of my scarring and redness has gone completely. Previously before my breakout around two-years ago, I was put on some topical steroids (a cream; desoxymetasone anyo
  10. Yeah. Whoever posted this, AllyKat I think - i know EXACTLY how you feel. I dont wanna sound so fucking vain 0 but i looked real damn good b4 my recent brush with acne. after i cleared up and red marks faded, i was ALMOST back to my normal self. Sure, Im still hesitant going in BRIGHT LIGHT or to stay out in the Sun with friends (who have hardly to no acne at all) but yeah. Ive been going clubbing (which in return is GREAT, but staying out late and drinking. errrr. prolly resort to more acne n t
  11. well i cleared up quite a bit almost all clear for a few occasional pimples here and there - but i have no idea how i developed this mild rash like texture skin thats bumpy along my nose and the sides of it. it is red and looks like i have red pores, lol. Im almost POSSITIVE its mild rosacea. I have been on Topical Steroids but taken off of them cuz of the steroid acne then put on Elidel. That seemed to work but fed up i stopped using it. Argh. Well now I stayed off of any harmful washes and no
  12. yeah. i feel all you fuckers. before my acne i so social - everyday, everynight. then i had my really bad breakout sr. year during FOOTBALL SEASON. didnt even wanna take off my helmet. didnt pay attention to formations, plays, anything. lost my starting spot to. then i cleared up. late sr year i was pretty much clear - but used some topical steroid for a 2nd degree sunburn i got that summer - then i started getting some pimples along my nose and cheeks - cuz of the constant use of that steroid.
  13. Ok. Well I havent been on here for a WHILE. I have cleared up tremendously...and now deal with some redmarks, but eh. lol. The only thing that is bothering me right now is my nose area (and under my eyes, cheekbone area i guess?) well I had a PRETTY bad sunburn LAST year, and applied Desoximetasone to treat it (Topical Steroid) but yah, after that I was back to normal with a nice complexion. Well now that I had a really bad breakout LAST year (the end of the year) I dont know but my nose area
  14. does acne commercials. lol. that was rude. lol. oh well WE ALL HAVE /HAD Acne sometime FUCK YOU ACNE!!!! *waives fist*