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  1. If you want to cover up the red marks and try and keep the rest of your skin clear my reccomendation put some bp on the area so it doesn't flare up agian buy a green [green cancels out red] and ur shade concealer from mac then buy a fine point brush and apply the concealers only on your red marks then finish with a finishing powder from dermalogica or bare minerals
  2. I read that the tip was to be changed every 90 uses. I am gonna see If I can purchase it at sephora and If it does not work for me if I can return it
  3. if u use alot of benzol it might leave red scars like me use salycic acid also try using a green mask once a week. Look for lotoin with alot of vitamin e
  4. does it work? I am thinking bout getting it how munch did everyone pay for it?
  5. does it help my pimples mostly end up being whiteheads. Does zeno help with red scars too?
  6. aww thanks for the tip! I endede up ordering Philosophy-pigment for 30 bucks
  7. Has any tried it? http://www.sephora.com/browse/product.jhtm...&categoryId=B70 I am thnking about ordering. Thier is also a kit but I dk yet only have red scars in my cheeck area
  8. hmmn active acne I get a pimple once in awhile but not in the same area as my red spots are at. does that still count? is this the procedure? I saw an advertisment in the newspaper and it says they are offering it at $489 http://godermatology.com/scaringtreatment/ This would be the place I would go to Here are some pics of my scars
  9. Can anyone tell me please? I have red scars on my cheeckbones none of mmy skin is inented thow its just like little red dots which I hate.
  10. I have red dots/scars on my cheecks whats the best treatment for it?
  11. I wanna know too I am curious
  12. i iced it and popped it I am gonna avoid putting bp but I did use some avita cream on it