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  1. Day #4 Acne on face lookin good, but my face i staying red which sucks Chest zit died. shoulder ones are dying Two on ass are still big
  2. Alright Day #3 Acne on my face continues to be clearing... But I'm getting very pale because of no sunlight, so my acne stands out more i think However... my body acne is kind of flaring up. I have a big one of my shoulder, a big one on my chest, and two huge ones on my ass. Is this normal for people just endding accutane?
  3. I say keep it on all the time No need to get it all dry and flaky during the night. That'll just make the acne worse
  4. I'm a big guy.. 6'5 and all.. and my acne was pretty severe too. But still, I havent read anywhere here about people doing 120mg a day. Is this odd? Anyway, I'm just starting my 4th month... so three months down, August, September, October, and my face is finally starting to clear up. Believe me when I say that those were the hardest three months of my life. Especially the first month.. I remember being at my friend's fathers funeral and having like a million whiteheads on my face. I'll k
  5. well, if you want to continue having mild acne, don't take the accutane
  6. LOL nerd69.. this is funny to read cause I went through the same exact shit the past three months. I still am actually I'm starting month 4 on accutane (out of 4 ). My face looks much better than it did when I started, but it still looks bad. I'm 19 and in college too. I'm getting more accustomed to these weekend nights alone in my dorm room. Here's to hoping it all works out in the end
  7. I've been on accutane for almost three months now... definitely better than when I started, but still pretty bad. I've been using a electric razor because it's less irritating. However, it still is a bit irritating and I only like to shave once every week or so because of that. Now I'm reading that the more I shave, the more my skin will adapt to it. So is it better for me to shave more frequently?