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  1. From the album: WHO THINKS I NEED ACCUTANE

    hey guys this is my skin a year later i just wanted to give anyone out there that is depressed over there skin some hope that it can get better!!!!!!!! trust me i was miserable. i still get pimples and have some scars but i am not complaining.

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  2. I've been on Retin A for awhile now and in combination with benzaclin and BC its cleared me up nicely but I use way more than a pea size and experience no redness or drying...should I notch it up to a stronger dose or just stick with the .05%?
  3. From the album: WHO THINKS I NEED ACCUTANE

    lets hope it lasts

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  4. I was on OTC for 3 motnhs and I swear it made me crazy so I stopped. Now I'm super afraid that my acne is going to come back because the OTC completely cleared it..I was just really scared of blood clots do you think I was being irrational?
  5. the title was just a joke but I was just wondering what happens if it rains on the mineral makeup??
  6. KSAF

    Pale skin

    men can go to tanning salons too i see em all the time
  7. I have alot of red marks left ovaa too and I go tanning I duno if it really helps hide them but I always feel that I look better tan!
  8. I use like 3 peas of retin a and it hasnt irritated me yet do i need a stronger form? Im currently using .05%
  9. I switched from Differin to Retin A and didnt experience a IB now I'm almost clear..I also started takin birth control tho....
  10. I've been on it for a month and in combo w Retin A its improved my acne drastically but like you I don't need it as a contraceptive and I don't like being on it! =(
  11. I think i u can drink on Mino I'm on an antibiotic Keflex and asked the pharmacist. They said it'd be fine it just might affect how well it works but not have any side effects.
  12. this might not sound positive but i wish that there was a section devoted just to Accutane...
  13. i didnt get an initial breakout. I've been on it a month
  14. I'm almost a month thru and no initial breakout my skins gettin really clear just red marks and scarring left. Maybe it was starting birth control i duno...
  15. what kind would u get from dermablend because i noticed theres creams, one with SA etc...
  16. well to go on Accutane u have to be on BCP anways
  17. ya I hate being on it im so paranoid now.
  18. I'm taking Retin A and Im not staying out of the sun thats ridiculous
  19. maybe. Thats what happened to me mine because irregular and thats when my acne started
  20. I'm also using Benzaclin and Cetaphil SPF 15 and as soon as I put the mousturizer on it burns SooOoOO bad and stays red all day !!!
  21. i see what u mean about the cakieness it feels very heavy...