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  1. does anyone know what foods to avoid to help keep triglycerides low?
  2. what is the medical term for this condition? and what causes this?
  3. are these permanent scars? how could this happen if it wasnt a result from a lesion?
  4. oh gawd im on my day 3.. and i feel an army coming. should i just leave them alone or can i put some sulfer spot treatment on it? its real early in my course of only 40mg so i think it will be ok right? no dryness
  5. 1. Should I avoid sugary drinks? 2. Should I moisturize my face/body? If so, how often for each? 3. Is there any products I can put on my active zits while on accutane to help them heal?
  6. I heard I should drink water? how many cups a day? I heard I shouldn't drink soda or 'fizzy drinks', is this true? Should I avoid sugar completely or will it not really make a difference? I heard I should to take Vitamin E, is this really essential or helpful? Anything else I should avoid or take?
  7. Thank you. So is it the size of the lesions that is considered severe or mild acne or is it the amount? because I usually have very few due to the BP, but I can easily have a bunch of I don't medicate for a week. I am just worried to waste a doctors visit if the doctor doesn't think its that bad and doesn't prescribe it. Anyone else have any advice?
  8. Ok here is the scenario. I have cystic acne and I usually have 1-3 big swolen cysts at a time. This is WITH a benzoyl peroxide regimen. Do you think a 1-3 cysts is enough to get prescribed accutane if I explain how consistent and swollen they are plus show cell phone pictures of cysts on my chin the size of a dime from before? or should I stop medicating and let it get really bad. The only thing that worries me that if I let it get bad is that I will risk scarring. What do you think?