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    I had acne from age 16 - current. Tired different stuff until Pronexin came in. At first I was skeptic but it said something about 30 different acne fighting ingredients so I tried it. I used it after taking a shower day and night and its helping so far. At 40$ a bottle its not so bad. It has helped my acne so far and I really enjoyed it. Any questions feel free to post and I'll be happy to answer. Thanks
  2. don't be lazy and use the search tool, there are many links explaining every acne product and experiences you need to know
  3. why would you ask god for something we humans naturally have? try praying to god for people in poverty, diseases, or for no wars. something like acne is like asking for more money then you need or an extra arm to hold your drink.
  4. i tried acnexus for about a month now. it does help if you keep using it
  5. hunter did you buy your Tazorac gel off a website or a store? (if from a website tell me please) right now im thinking whether to try Tazorac gel or tca cross... for those of you who have tried cross is it noticable like the tca peels? thanks im new so i don't know the difference between them
  6. ok thanks should i try the 8% again and wait 5 mins and apply another layer? or should i start out with 25%?
  7. Well i just bought a 8% tca peel bottle since i decided to go for the weakest one incase something bad happens. What I did: Got off shower and waited 30 mins Apply tca with q tip (stung alittle for like 10 mins then i see my cheeks turning alittle bit red) Wash with water + baking soda (neutralizer) Apply neosporin Sleep Next morning: wash face Apply neosporin I feel that my face is normal and nothing really happened. Should I try a stronger solution? How would do I have to wait to try agai
  8. my scars are pretty bad. i took the pics on low and bright lights. any suggestions on what product i should use to heal these scars? thanks if its tca peel. can anyone give me specific directions/warnings/advice please.