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  1. Hey, Ive been using complex 15 moisturizing face cream for a while, and it doesn't break me out, but every once and a while i get a fit of dry skin (because i use a prescription BP cream) and my face gets all flaky and its really embarrassing. could someone recommend something that's a bit stronger and would help me. even when i skip the BP (which causes me to break out) it still takes me a few days to recover from the dryness and it sucks. thanks.
  2. im on month 6...my skins still not used to it....aghh....(also you I read you shouldnt use a moisturizer after retin a micro because its time relase, but normal retin a absorbs all at once.)
  3. I use the tiny "pea-sized" amount....yeah...i think it might be too strong but i stopped taking two showers a day (because its hot now, summertime, i work outside) and ive started to clear up a bit.
  4. my skin gets very very dry right after I shower ( so dry it hurts to open my mouth). but after about an hour its not that painfully dry and i have mild // moderate flaking in the areas where I have acne
  5. should I moisturize in the PM or AM. Im using retin A in the PM, and i wash my face with water in the AM. I need to know because I just got some moisturizer and ive never used any before and I dont want to mess it up.
  6. i need an answer for tonight -__- i need an answer for tonight -__-
  7. ok, so im wondering if i should moisturizer 20 minutes after i apply it at night...or if i should wait till i rinse my face in the morning to do it. I think maybe I should do it in the AM because my skin gets super dry after i rinse it with water in the morning(i dont even use wash and it gets dry!) but im afraid its gonna make me look greasy, I just bought complex 15
  8. can you use a toothbrush (new of course) can i use a big paint brush
  9. I mean, when i first started using it I also had milder acne(6 months ago i never got acne on my forehead, cheeks, chest or back, and now i do). I usually only get whiteheads but sometimes i get pustules (and when i do theyre terrible). at around the 3 month mark it got me clear....I think my acne has just naturally gotten worse.
  10. your skin is amazing screw yourself -___- its not dead skin. seriously tough, you should lightly dab your skin with a dry towel to dry your skin. you only shower every other day? stinkyyyy. all in all, your skin looks amazing and your soo lucky to have such clear skin.
  11. yeah they release products that make you buy more products, now that you use retin a, you need antibiotc a antibiotic b and a moisturizer, a new soap, etc. Its the same with HIV medication. Also, the same with cancer treatment. People care more about money than helping people get better, and it sucks.
  12. I used retin a at night with no moisturizer and aloe vera gel in the morning to stop my flaking....it stopped the flaking but made me break out HORRIBLE about a week later.