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  1. i have a question: i've been using a sample of mama lotion and have been getting good results. honestly it's the first product that's ever worked for me. mama lotion is 10% madelic and 10% malic, which they claim is a 20% AHA. does anyone know if there is any real benefit from the malic acid? i'm wondering if my results are only from the madelic and the malic is just there as fluff? if so i think i might get the vivant 15%...
  2. this is different than your experience, but i got cortisone shots for a had a keloid scar on my chest/shoulder area a while back. well, the scar went down, which i was happy about, but then the whole area just started caving in. it started looking like a huge dent-- i was so upset. it got worse each day. it just seemed like it wouldn't stop. i went back the doctor and he said just give it time, but i could tell even he was unsure what the result might be. well after 3-4 months ( about the time
  3. Sean, I did develop the bronze tone that you speak of, i do believe i was a bit careless with the sun. How is it different for hyperpigmentation? Did you experience it?? And as you mentioned does it go away within a matter of months?
  4. so if you get a fraxel treatment on a friday morning and had to be back at work tuesday morning how red would you be for a moderate intesnity level? i mean would people know that something happend to your face over the weekend--whether it's a bad sunburn or whatever? and with the lines is it an obvious difference between laser treated skin and the skin that wasn't treated? or is there at least a liitle fade...
  5. yeah that makes sence... and i think for some people subcsion has been effective as that is what it aims to do. but you're thinking you have to cut the "roots" for it to be the most effective. i think of it as a tight rope attached to two ends. no matter where you cut the rope you are going to severe the connection between the two ends. so it doesn't matter where you cut the rope. however i think with scars each section of the rope pulls within itself. meaning if you cut a rope in half, the t
  6. just venting... fraxel is really frustrating to me! what attracted me to it was the limited downtime. but, fine if you have to be swollen and red, then okay i'll deal with it. the kicker is the number of treatments. if you need 4 treatments... that's 4 periods of downtime and recovery. i honestly think of how i could pull that off... and it frustrates the hell out of me.
  7. Okay i know people on here hate stupid fraxel questions. so for the record, i've read most of this thread. but i still have this question, or rather it's just the need of someone's opinion... would you rather: spend $600 per treatment using the old Fraxel or... spend $1200 per treatment using Fraxel 2 this is my real scenerio. which would you choose? is fraxel 2 worth twice the price? i will say that for me downtime is a big factor. I just can't be out that long. is there really that m
  8. from my experience, yes i'm having an area treated at lower settings purely for pigmentation and this area gets far les red, swollen and flaky than elsewhere. if i could ask, what exactly are your settings and number of passes. Im trying to find out the optimum number of passes for a lower setting to be effective. thanks.
  9. wait i always thought prices go down over time! why would it be getting more expensive?
  10. Man, i'm considering fraxel, but the swelling sounds pretty bad. i just couldn't fit into my schedule being swollen for almost a week. Isn't there anti-swelling medication that you can take to prevent this? i wouldn't think the swelling has any benefit, so stopping it somehow would be great. Also, i can't find a pic that shows just how bad the post fraxel swelling and redness is, i'm curious-- can someone post one> thnx
  11. All these acids and topicals just work on the skins surface and give meager results. they are more of a treatment than a cure. a laser can at least penetrate the skin... i know lasers reduce pore size, but i can't find anything on reducing sebum. Has anyone had (or heard of) a reduction in BH by using lasers? if so what kind? thanks.
  12. yeah obviously ss14's last close up photo isn't her, and it's some other dude. but, from the beggining she borrowed photos that weren't her to represent her scaring. if you really work for the company why would you steal photos from the same website you're trying to market to? i think this girl was just trying to show what her scars looked like by using other photos and forgot to explain. it's a case of photo plagerism or something. if it's an ad than why did she not give the product credit
  13. olbarn


    I agree with you, Ive looked into this extensively. Ive had saline injections done, work by the same concept as sculptrahttp://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=50475 lawboy, i didn't realize you had done fraxel-- is that correct? maybe your quick results from sculptra were from your prior fraxel treatments? i know fraxel results kick in over time. how long did you have fraxel before your sculptra treaments?
  14. this is off subject, but i just have to say i'm not sure how i feel about putting thought into celebrity skin. i always hear people mention Seal's skin (not just in this thread), and thery're like, "see sometimes it doesn't matter if you have scars..." i don't mean to be negative, but don't confuse seal getting hiedi as validation for yourself. i know this is just pointing out the obvious, but if you are world famous it is sooooo different! people are already mesmerized by you before they even