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  1. I think I have settled for seeing if shaving it down will work. I'm not ready for them to cut it out and leave a big hole so we'll see how this works.
  2. You think? How does that work? They literally inject it into the mole?
  3. Hey thanks for the replys... I went to a plastic surgeon and he said it's a mole, and that he will cut it out, but it may be worse then what it is now. That's not the best pic but unfortunately I don't have a digital camera so I can't get a better one. It is very noticeable. If it wasn't on my face I wouldn't care, but I can see it in the mirror, in pitcures, in reflections.. bah! You think freezing it would work? Like at the doctors?
  4. Raised bump/mole thing... been there for over 5 years now. Would any kind of soultion work or would I have to get it cut out? Thanks for any advice... http://img287.imageshack.us/img287/3043/ok...urday0239ev.jpg http://img381.imageshack.us/img381/1556/ok...urday0231pj.jpg
  5. Hi guys and girls, I am trying to have a mole/skin tag thing removed from the tip of my nose. I thought I would give TCA a shot. 100% good? Where do you guys get this stuff? Thanks for the help...
  6. Can you tell me what tca acid is, where I can get it, how you used it, and the immediate and long term results? haha that's a lot of questions. :P Hope to hear from you soon.
  7. I had a white mole about 2MM in size removed from my nose on the nostril area about three years ago. It totally freaked me out at first! All ugly and red, and I figured I'd end up with a dent or some such, but now the scar in virtually invisible. As it was located right at the edge of the nostril, it was just shaved off with a scalpel since cutting it out would have left a much more serious scar. I'm happy I did it, but too bad I didn't have it done years ago! That thing looked like a big zit an
  8. If so, how were the results? Did you get a scar or dent? Any creams you can reccommend? Thanks for any help!
  9. Is there any solution to fill in a dented scar? Specifically the nose? Thanks for any info!
  10. Thanks for the reply. You think a silicon-based product like Dermatix would be a better choice? Is there some kind of cream that helps fill in dents?
  11. haha thanks for the reply. Unfortunately it's not that type of mole... it's raised out of my nose but not enough to tie a string around. It's just like a slightly raised bump but is still very noticeable. I will definitely remember that string thing though, sounds handy!
  12. Bump! Can anyone help or offer advice?
  13. Sorry, I'm new at these terms. What do you mean by a full thickness scar? Also excision? I know what an insision is... Thanks for the help MP!