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  1. Well back in the day I'd wash face with just water probably about 10 times a day no exageration, the oil would just fucking pour out of my pores. But now I only wash my face once a day when I shower and just throw some cold water on that shit before I goto sleep. Oil is totally gone its awesome but the hyperpigmentation is terrible so I'm working on it.
  2. I have the exact same problem. I had very bad acne and slight scarring/hyperpigmentation and very very oily skin. So I went to the derm in June and he prescribed the following, Minocycline 100mg/2 times a day Desquam-E emollient gel : morning : for the oilyness Triamcinolone Acetonide : afternoon : for the hyperpigmentation/scars Tazorac gel 0.1% : night : for the active acne and blackheads After using this regimine for the last 5 months, my skin isnt oily and I have probably 2-3 active
  3. Its fucking amazing, I have like 2 small active pimples, but still some blackheads and some pretty bad scarring.
  4. By alot of pimples im talking always 50+ it was terrible.
  5. I had alot of pimples and always afew cysts. It was so bad I didnt go outside then. But when I broke out it was unbelievably bad, just stick it out dude. good luck
  6. Im 5'7 135, a runner and I take 100mg/2times a day like my derm said, I wouldnt take more than recommended If I was you.
  7. It was really bad. I wouldnt go outside and shit. It was severe but only afew cysts.
  8. Ive been takin mino for about 2 months now @ 100mg/2times aday. About the 3rd and 4th week it got really bad and I thought about stopping taking them. Dont! A week after it all seemed to clear up fast. So stick with it.
  9. I have nearly the same exact regimine. Mino 100mg/2 times aday - morning Desquame-E - afternoon Triamcinolone acetonide - night tazorac. About 3-4 weeks into this I had a terrible breakout, it was fucking messed up. But I stayed with the meds and it has worked for me. Ive been taking them for about 2 months now and I have almost no active acne and only some moderate scarring. Dont give up on your regimine even when its bad and remember to use just a pea size amount of tazorac because more wi
  10. I've been on Mino for 2 months now and I go in the sun everyday afew hours no shirt. I got a badass tan but nothing bad happned. Even with tazorac in the nights my skin is still ok in the sun.
  11. skunk you have no fucking idea what your talking about. I'd like to thank you for giving us your 2¢
  12. Im taking Vitamin E(400 i.u.) twice a day, and zinc once aday after a meal(50mg) with my prescripted medicne. Ive been taking them for about 2 months and I have seen a great improvement in my skin overall.
  13. I felt the exact same way. Goto the derm, trust me they will help.
  14. For the first month on minocycline my face was worse than it was without the pills. After about 5 weeks it just started to get much better in combination with tazorac and triamcinolone acetonide. I was actually very depressed when I was takin mino and my skin got unbelievably bad. but there was a 100% turn around and im doing good now. I really dont have any active acne left and just alot of hyperpigmentation, its amazing what it does for your attitude and self confidence.