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  1. I've decided to try out tea tree oil for pimples. Anyways, I can't attest to how well it works yet, but I have to say, the fumes are pretty strong. Is it safe to breathe in these fumes for so long? It's really an unpleasant smell.
  2. Well, I guess I'm roughly at the 3 month mark since quitting the Gel too. And well, my forehead continues to drip with oil! Today, my forehead almost seemed wet. Why is it like this!? Will it ever become matte again!?
  3. I seem to be getting alot of whiteheads lately on my cheek. I usually end up squeezing all the gunk out. But it leaves a nasty little red mark that takes a week or so to heal. What will happen if I just leave the whitehead alone? It seems like whiteheads will never go away; they just stay there in a white bump. Will they eventually go away by themselves if I just leave them alone? Thanks.
  4. Yes. It is unfortunate that I used so much. But I was using Carly's Clear and Smooth with includes BP prior to the gel, so I figured my skin might already be accustomed to it. But in time, my skin should return to normal, right? Please say so! Thanks.
  5. Nope. Before I was using nothing except soap. Now, even with soap, my face gets oily.
  6. I can't just let it go though! I believe that this Gel has caused my skin to oil excessively. It has never done this before. But I thought that stopping the gel will allow my skin to go back to normal, but even after a month, my face has not gotten better! What makes it worse is that I chose to do this to myself... if my face was naturally oily, I wouldn't mind so much; but it makes me so angry that something I rubbed into my face may have permanently changed it!
  7. It's been a month since I quit the Gel, and my skin has not returned to normal..
  8. My face previous had acne and red marks, but it had a matte appearance. After 3 weeks of this BP Gel, my face is covered with oil and is incredibly shiny! I followed the regimen strictly during these 3 weeks, and used alot of Gel. I decided to stop after 3 weeks of using the gel, but even a month later, my face continues to oil like crazy! What is going on!? Why hasn't it adjusted and gone back to the way it was? Why is my face so oily now? What did this gel do!? Please, someone explain!
  9. I was reading through this forum, and some other site, that excessive use of BP can create free "radicals" - whatever that is. Moreover, this will cause permanent skin damage or even worse, the mutation of DNA. So, let's get this straight. Can BP permanently damage or change one's skin?
  10. Anyone tried the acnecomplex.com Murad treatment? Looks good. And it has no benzoyl peroxide to irritate or dry out skin.
  11. Yes, it's weird. And it has me worried. This is also why I don't want to continue the Regimen for fear of how it can affect my skin...
  12. I used the gel for approximately 3 weeks before quitting. Following the Regimen, I used large amounts of the gel. I quit after 3 weeks as I was paranoid of the massive amounts of BP. Anyways, now, a month or so after I quit, my skin is incredibly oily. During the day, it becomes super bright, oily, and almost wet. It's very gross. It was never like this before I started the Regimen. Furthermore, my skin feels "tighter" now. Not nearly as relaxed as before... Did this BP Gel do something to my
  13. Wow. It looks horrible on the sides of my face. What type of acne, scars do I have? Will they heal properly? I'm scared of using the Regimen as it advocates a massive amount of BP which I do not want to use. Especially not in the excessive amounts it proposes. Thanks.
  14. What's a toner, exfoliator, moisturizer, and what's the difference? Whenever I read the back of the packages, they all seem to do the same thing. Currently, I only use the "Clean and Clear Foaming Cleanser." What exactly will a toner, exfoliator, and moisturizer do? Thanks.
  15. My skin is very flaky. Especially after showering, it becomes ridiculously flaky. It never seems to end. This deludes me to think that I have dry skin. But acouple hours later, my skin becomes very oily as well. Especially on and around the nose, it becomes excessively oily. Furthermore, I still flake around the chins and cheeks. Would a moisturizer help? Or would that make me even more oily? I hate it. Help! Thanks.
  16. 10 Minutes or so after rubbing in the gel, my face feels so tense and tight. Like it's frozen there. It feels strange to move my mouth, etc. Is this normal? It's not a great feeling .... Thanks.
  17. Thanks alot! That makes me feel alot better knowing they'll heal. I'll be sticking with the Regimen for now. It's been working great for the past few days. I haven't had any new breakouts. By the way, yes, I'm a teen.
  18. I'm currently using the Eucerin Day Moisturizer recommended on the Regimen page. But to my dismay, it provides a glossy, shiny, oily look. I don't like that. I want a matte, dull look so it's more natural, I suppose. I don't like having my face shine in the lights. What are some good recommendations? Thanks.
  19. Oh wow. That's interesting. I would've never thought that'd to be acne still. Anyone else? Thanks!
  20. Awww.. Acne. Man, that's even worse than having redmarks. Will the Regimen be able to take care of that? Thanks! //EDIT They're not whiteheads nor are they blackheads. What type of acne could that be characterized as?
  21. That was my right cheek. Here's an image of the left.
  22. These are mostly leftover from previous acne. But rubbing my hand over it, they're not perfectly smooth. Will they heal? They turn very red when out in the sun. I've been doing the Regimen for the past 3 days. Will the Regimen aid in its recovery? What exactly is that? I don't think it's acne. Is it just red marks? Red marks heal, right? This leaves me very distraught. Thanks.