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  1. Well good luck with that. I 've been on almost every topical treatment pretane and nothing worked any my acne isn't even that severe compared to most. Unless the topicals have a better chance of working post tane.
  2. It's fine. I missed three weeks during my fifth month (my dermatologist went on vacation) and it had no effect on my progress or success.
  3. try topicals first. I had a breakout one year after accutane and it was bad enough that I wanted to go back on accutane, but my dermatologist strongly suggested I try topicals instead. They worked like a charm, I've been clear ever since.
  4. It's been almost 2 years since I finished my first course of accutane and I've been basically clear ever since the second month of treatment (however I check the forums occasionally to offer advice/share my experience). I had one minor breakout last year (but I was studying for the mcat at the time so I attribute some of it to stress) so my derm put me on benzaclin and differin, and my skin stays totally clear as long as I use them religiously. Good luck guys!
  5. I'm almost 2 years post accutane and I have to use topicals twice a day to maintain clear skin.
  6. If makeup had to ability to "fool" the dermatologist into thinking we didn't have acne then none of us would bother taking accutane. I always wore makeup to the dermatologist. She never asked me to wipe it off unless I was getting microderm or something. The dermatologist I went to in highschool even had many different shades of foundation in case people were ruddy or reddish after acne treatment and felt self conscious going outside.
  7. I never waxed on accutane, but I did wax my upper lip on differin (stupid, I know) and it was just as bad. I ripped off at least 2 layers of skin, and it looked AWFUL. I didn't leave the house for 3 days, but on the 4th day I could conceal it with makeup. My dermatologist told me that when it comes to facial cuts/scrapes, the most important thing is to try not to let a scab form. Keep it moist with polysporin, and it shouldn't end up leaving a scar. As soon as my wounds were "dry" I started
  8. YES. Absolutely. I took a 6 month course of accutane and finished almost 2 years ago. I was completely clear after the first month of accutane and stayed that way throughout the course of my treatment. A few months after completing my course, I felt like my skin was getting a few whiteheads, so my dr. prescribed differin, which I've been taking ever since. I'm not sure if it does anything, but I'm sure my skin will thank me when I'm older. A year after finishing accutane I had a minor brea
  9. Cleanser-Cetaphil Moisturizer-Chanel Hydromax+serum (this was AMAZING-my skin didn't flake at all over the 6 month course) Lips-Aquaphor Eyes-Blinc eyedrops
  10. Try not to worry about it. I had a moderate/severe breakout one year after finishing accutane and thought I'd need a second course. My doctor prescribed benzaclin while I was waiting for ipledge and that was enough to clear me up completely. It's been a year since that breakout and now I'll only get a pimple if I dont use my topical treatements for a few days. You'll probably need some sort of maintenance routine and that may be enough to clear you up again. Benzaclin and differin didn't w
  11. I would suggest using more than just water-especially during the summer. Lots of people seem to experience a reoccurrence of acne after accutane because they take their newly clear skin for granted.
  12. I paid about 4,000 for a 6 month course. I have insurance but I didn't have enough prescription coverage and had to pay out of pocket.
  13. Mine stopped running blood tests after the first two months. I asked for them anyway and the nurse told me that the doctor didn't run blood tests when he felt they were unnecessary and she assurred me that he knew what he was doing. I wanted to be on the safe side but was tired of arguing with my dermatologist's office so I went to my primary care physician and asked them to test my blood there. I told them I was on accutane and they knew what to look for-turns out that everything was fine. (
  14. I wouldn't panic, but do see your dermatologist. I had my first breakout a year after accutane, and went back to the derm immediately. I agree, after a year of perfect skin, any breakout seems alarming. I had completley forgotten what it was like to get pimples! My doctor prescribed a 2nd course of accutane, but during the mandatory 30 day waiting period my skin completley cleared up. I had my second appointment on wednesday-I was supposed to pick up my prescription, but my doctor was extremel
  15. I've had the same tube since november and I still have a fair amount left. I've only been using the recommended pea sized amount. Should I be using more?