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Cheap, colour matched my skin, didn't dry it out, gave me a great skin tone Didn't work that well I started using this after I stopped using benzoyl peroxide which I had been using for 4 years (which never really worked that well). Acnomel seemed to get rid of my breakouts at first and I was enjoying my hydrated and more even skin tone compared to when I was using BP, so I had high hopes. But... it never ended up really working. I continued to have moderate breakouts the same as when I was on BP

By Tangerine,

For acne prone skin, minimal ingredients, covers decently well, is ph balanced Doesn't cover as well as my favourite liquid foundation. I also bought the wrong colour and shipping is too expensive to Canada to order my correct one I like it. I'm not used to powdery foundation, but I kind of enjoy applying it with a paint brush. While it doesn't cover as well as liquid, at least I feel confident knowing this foundation isn't bad for my skin

By Tangerine,

Made my skin so soft and smooth, all natural ingredients, personable company, sent lots of samples and answered email queries immediately Broke me out pretty bad, routine takes too long, expensive shipping to Canada I wanted this to work so badly, and I probably could have used this longer than a month and been more patient (as he says sometimes it takes a big longer to work)... everything was going moderately okay, until the third week when I broke out worse than I ever had in my life. Maybe th

By Tangerine,