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  1. I saw your pictures and your great transfromation. but i can't seem to find what exactly you did. can you post some blogs please

  2. I cleared my acne significantly using the information on this board and other sources, but a true demise came when I started reading your blog. I was unbelievably concious of my skin, and although this may sound odd (or not) I felt that stress was accumulating on my face, for lack of a better explanation. I started to realise that I'd almost been slightly "clenching" my face, and the more happy I became, the more I could let go and let my face "relax". I tried to smile as much as possible, and b
  3. I AGREE!!! I was helping out here for a while because I've also had success with clearing my acne and want to help others... even though I was clear, this forum made me feel crazy and worried about my diet more than ever. So I stopped coming here much. Clearing acne is not all about diet! Eating a healthy diet is not as hard as it's made out to be here, and the happier and less stressed out you are, the less strict about your diet you actually have to be to become and stay clear! So much of
  4. I'm on board with not washing so much. It's probably got internal factors too, but you should definitely stop washing so much and switching to gentle, natural, chemical free cleansers, shampoo, and body washes. Our skin really does overcompensate when we strip the oils out constantly. And some people just overcompensate more than others, and that appears to be you. So give it a try!
  5. You could just not do it and try your best to not worry about or look at your face. I always find that whenever I'm going on a trip, I expect that because I'm not in my routine, my skin will suddenly go to hell. In reality, because I can't look at it as much or tend to it and just have a good time, it ends up not breaking out at all and surprising me. Acne is so psychological!
  6. Sorry, I'm a jerk - I took an acne.org sabbatical and forgot about this thread! I'm so glad to have come back to it and found some awesome stories (thanks Paul!) To those wanting to know how one can deal with it... I really suggest reading the book The Emotion Code (if you google search "free ebook Emotion Code", you can find somewhere to download and red it for free), and using that to clear trapped emotions. I'd also suggest meditating, exercising, yoga, keeping a gratitude journal etc. Watc
  7. Thank you so much, Tim!! I hope you are well :)

  8. Happy belated :D Catching up on your videos now and pulling some good info out :D Hope you had a great one!

  9. Why thank you! :)

  10. Thank you! I'm glad I could help. And thanks a mil for the eyes compliment! :)

  11. Happy birthday! :D

  12. and btw, ur eyes are so beautiful.

  13. hey girl..ur info's are really helpfull, i wish i could be like you once i'm clear and confident!

  14. It could be a detox reaction... you're getting more nutrition and digesting better, so you're body is releasing some toxins. I'd say wait it out a while before you blame them.
  15. no problem. glad you had success... pretty cool!