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  1. Haha, ummm i usually put on zineryt first cos it seems to get 'sucked in' more than other topicals, then differin/moisturiser ontop of that. Yeah ive seen really good results with zineryt (use bp aswell) but make sure that you chnage the zineryt every 4 weeks, otherwise mines seems to stop working...its odd i know. I've onlt just started differin but i like what i see so far Good luck!
  2. Hey Guys, Just started differin (day 5- every night) and i thought i could cope with the redness and just 'ride it out' till it my skin gets used to it, but i dont really fancy going out like this, people either think im wearing a foundation way too dark or that ive burnt my face. So....do i wait for my skin to adjust (how long would that be?) or drop down to applying it once every two days? Thanks x
  3. Hey guys, been on b5 (10g) for 3 days no......any idea when i will stop having chronic diarrhea?! Or will it never go away when im on b5?-kinda hard having to make sure wherever you go, theres a toilet close by!! Im also taking biotin, vit c and bcomplex 100. Thanks for your help x
  4. I'm interested to know if you were skinny when you had acne, but now are fatter? I've noticed my skin improve considerably since I've gained 14lbs, I've cut back on washing with a medicated soap and am still clear. I drink tea/cofee between meals, have orange juice with meals and eat more red meat, saturated fats and refined foods (like Mrs jenkins) I also drink alcohol moderately now most nights (dont binge drink) and exercise regularly (aerobic 3 times a week). When I was eating alot of fibre,
  5. that's hilarious doesn't it freak you out to have some lady tell you that you're going to get very sick in 20 years? well it did at first but now she has prevented loads of future illnesses, so its cool. altough i did ask her if she could tell me when i was going to die, but she said she wasnt allowed to tell me, bitch!
  6. Sort of, i was told i was allergic to non-organic diary and to begin with i was told no wheat for like a month but then after the next treatment i was told it was ok to eat wheat as long as it was organic. She makes me a new list everytime i go cos, with each treament it changes, last week i was allowed mangoes and avacadoes back!!
  7. Hey Guys, thought i better share this pearl of wisdom because i thought keeping this to myself would be a little selfish, seeing how i badly i suffered from acne and now its gone! I had acne from about 13yrs old to now (17yrs) with it gettin progressively worse each year, started with chin, then forehead, then temples then cheeks. Of course it got a little better in summer and worse in winter. I tired 2 courses of antibiotics, only made it worse when i came of them, BP, Dans regime (was awful, l