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  1. Hi Zimi!  Hope you are you having a happy holidays!  Do you reside in Houston?

    1. Hi Guys, Let me give you a synopsis on my long ongoing battle with acne. I started breaking out in high school (like most people) and started taking antibiotics (tetracycline, erythromycin,etc). These worked for awhile until my body built up a resistance and I had to start exploring other options. In college, my acne became even more severe and I had to resort to taking Accutane. Throughout the next 5 years I had to take three separate courses of accutane (isotretinoin) to keep my cystic/no
    2. hello...i have been using dan's regimen for about the past 5 years or so..and i recently started using an anti aging breathable mask while i'm sleeping. it's called skincerity. you just roll it on before you go to sleep at night AFTER you've done the regimen..and it's smoothed out my face even more and made it a lot softer... before the benzoyl peroxide would realy dry out my skin and make it feel quite rough..but since i've been using the skincerity it's made it so much softer and smoother.
    3. lol..omg i thought i was the only one. i ordered a new bottle of the AHA lotion and as i squeezed some out for the first time, i got shocked! and it was like a pretty big shock too..i was like..WTF ..how did lotion shock me??? but lucky for me it only happened once..hasn't happened since then. so yea..i can totally relate to what happened to you.. still no explanation though. hmmmm
    4. i pray to god that dan makes money from his products and this site. not that it was his intention to at the beginning. he started this site because he wanted to provide a service and value to as many people as possible who suffer from acne. and because of that...the money followed. provide service to others first...ALWAYS! thanks dan for everything!
    5. accutane is the most powerful drug in the world for treating acne...and is only supposed to treat the most severe forms of acne(cystic/nodular) that has not responded to all other types of medications such as topical creams and oral antibiotics. the scientific name of it is isotretinoin is basically a vitamin A derivative. it can cause many side effects...the most severe being birth defects in pregnant women. how it works is..it basically shrinks your sebaceous glands that produce sebum under
    6. yes brandy is right...i think ideally...spacing it 12 hours apart would be the best..but of course..most people's schedule won't allow them to do that. imo, as long as u space it apart at least 8 hours.... u should be just fine.
    7. hahah yea that's my favorite part of the videos too...when i first told my brother how to do the regimen..i said those exact words.."don't be shyyyy!!" and it worked...he is no longer SHY when it comes to putting the soap on his face! once again.dan is the man..
    8. i usally wait about 10-15 minutes after cleansing to put the BP on..and another 10 min or so after the bp to apply to the moisurizer..however.i have not experimented with shorter times yet...but i really do'nt think it will be a problem for u if u only wait 5 minutes til you apply...
    9. in my experience it's actually better to rub it in..and yes do it very gently. i like to use slightly more bp on the active zits..as i find that it accelerates the process and the zit disappears faster.
    10. shaving WITH the grain means shaving in the direction where the hairs point. AGAINST the grain means shaving in the opposite direction..for example..on the upper lip..shaving WITH the grain means shaving using downstrokes..i.e. from top to bottom...hope that helps note: shaving with the grain usually doesn't achieve as close a shave as against the grain
    11. i sometimes play tennis with the BP on my face..and it actually does burn on my face a bit..not sure if it's the moisturizer or the BP..but it does sting when i start to sweat. but yea as long as u rinse ur face before u play ur sport..you'll be ok
    12. lol...yea it might be ur UPPER LIP! the eucerin doesn't have any foul odor..i know..cuz i have the most sensitive nose in texas...i pick up every damn scent around...this is GREAT stuff...
    13. i've used proactiv for many years..and it used to work for me..but lost it's effectiveness as time went on. according to dan..the proactiv cleanser is too harsh for the skin and they tell you to wash with it for 1-2 minutes..which is wayyy too long. and yes..it is also extremely overpriced. the 2oz BP container of proactiv is like 20 bux! dan's FOUR oz tube is only like 8 bux...and it's better! so do the math..
    14. u can show your dermatologist..but i'm sure he/she will tell you not to use it..but to use what THEY prescribe to you...thas the only way they make money hah! my suggestion...use dan's BP gel....it's the best thing topical treatment i have ever used to treat my acne PERIOD.