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  1. I hear you.. Thats me until 3weeks ago, i was on the regimen for 12 weeks but the bump on my cheeks never go away, it was like building a home there and irs huge.. Not just that everyday i woke up with 2 or more acne like everyday. Until i went to a dermatologists on dec 16, luckily im cleared up, i just follwed her instructions and now im just dealing with the scars. Hopefully this will fade soon. They say it takes months for you to clear up with the regimen, it depends it may vary with our s
  2. The sulfur lotion i used is from the dermatologist. Oh and i took lymecycline too. So far im so happy with the result.
  3. I started using the regimen on sept 26,2013 i only have few pimples here and there.. After the first week, i started waking up with 3-5 cystic acne. They say it takes 3 mos to clear up.. Came december 16 I consulted with the dermatologist, I shouldn't waited 3 mos before pulling out the plug. I used hypoallergenic soap, pore minimizing toner, clyndimycin, sulfur lotion. Now my face is smooth as ever, no bumps no new acne, the only thing im gonna deal now are the scars that my acne left behind..
  4. Basically, i'vebeen into the regimen for 3 months now, i never once to see any improvements but its getting worse everyday. So i'm seeing a dermatologist tomorrow and hopefully she'll give me an answer.
  5. That's good news then. Let me know if the scars fade.
  6. We have the same situation, i have so many hyperpigmentation all over my face. Sometimes i regret using the regimen because i only have few acne before but when i started the regimen, i wake up like 5 breakouts everyday.. I was thinking it purged out.. Now i have like scars... I have an appointment with the dermatologist on december already and im giving up the regimen soon...
  7. Its the season again for parties! Its almost everynight i have different xmas parties.. What's the best concealer to use and make up removal while on the regimen? I wanna hide these awful scars all over my face. thanx!!
  8. Wow.. Ive been into regimen for almost 9 weeks now , im still breaking out.. And it leaves all marks now.. I dnt know what to use to fade all these red marks on my face that looks like acne. goo for you though you've found the solution..
  9. I never had seen any improvement and its just getting worse. I dnt know what is wrong.. Im taking the regimen as it is.. Doing every step in the video. But i keep breaking out
  10. Hi, what is the best concealer, foundaliton or anything i can use to hide the scar while on the regimen? Thanx!
  11. Im on my 6.5 week, but i have not increase my bp.. When i try increasing it will hurt a lot.. Is it ok not increase it?
  12. Before i use the regimen i only have like 10 huge pimples on each cheek now that I'm on my 6th week, i really can not look my face in the mirror now. Im not keen of taking pictures too anymore.. Everyday there is this huge cystic pimples growing and not just one but like 3 everyday. Im giving myself 5 weeks more. I have a dermatologist appointment on december. I might pull the plug on december if it becomes worse.
  13. Do u suggest that i'll order aha and jojoba oil now?
  14. Thank you for your reply.. One more thing, i dnt know if im going to buy jojoba oil or aha, im undecided yet.. Because i never had any improvement on my face.. When i first started using the regimen, i only have like few pimples on my cheek, but as days goes im beginning to break out a lot.. I was so dissappointed, but im counting on to the 3-month rule.. I dnt know if im gonna stop using it by december..
  15. Hi guys, i still have break outs every now and then and my skin is supeeeeer dry and flaky, do i really have to increase the bp now? Im scared if it makes dry more. I dnt know when i will be cleared.. Im losing hope.