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  1. After you shave, apply benzoyl peroxide cream. 2 days after shaving, exfoliate with a loofah or with a scrub and then continue doing that every other day.
  2. I say, if you eat something and it makes you break out, don't eat it anymore, no matter what the 'scientific evidence' says. Scientific evidence also says fibre prevents colon cancer and now they;re saying it has no effect. So do what your body tells you. If you eat PB & J and it causes acne, well don't eat it. I think eating sugar makes you feel and look like crap all around not just in terms of acne. Hasn't stopped me from eating it of course. It makes sense that a healthy balanced d
  3. Pore strips contain the same stuff as hairspray and we all know that hairspray clogs pores. So yes those strips pull the crap out but they cause more so you think you have to buy more strips and so on. You can use baking soda to exfoliate or one of those gentle scrubs on the market (not like ST. Ives crap)....don't do it too often or you'll aggravate the situation.
  4. Oops I forgot to add my reply....anyway, I like your regimen Rodd, but I think I would add ice cream to your cake and another bout of sex before and after the TV and then rinse and repeat.....maybe that would help the acne thing!! it's all in the release! ;)
  5. I haven't visited this site in a long time but as I'm reading your posts, it makes me sad that this thing called acne has hindered relationships and caused you all so much pain. I understand as I'm 35 but still have the acne - that's why people think I look young because I look like a teenager with acne. While I agree that using humour can help, I think that no matter what, it hurts. People can say that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder but those are the people with perfect skin, body and
  6. Diane 35 was the best thing that ever came onto the market for me but of course, my doctor took me off of it because there were concerns about it causing blood clots. Originally, Diane35 was supposed to be prescribed mainly as an acne drug and not as a bcp but it was found that thousands of prescriptions have been written for birth control. So doctors were advised to take their patients off of it unless it was for their acne. Then I tried Yasmin and although previous posts have not indicated
  7. I would not recommend pore strips....it's a marketing gimmick! THe sticky stuff that seemingly pulls out the guck out of your pores is actually the same thing that's in hairspray which, coincidentally, clogs pores!!! So the more you use those strips, the more blackheads you're going to get! That way, they get you to buy more....call it the Swiffer of acne products! The only things that will help control them are a good skin care routine and deep cleansing facials. There is no cure!!
  8. Ooops I forgot to add something....someone mentioned Bobbi Brown. I would definitely recommend her gel eyeliner - it goes on easily with an angled brush, gives a soft line and stays on all day!!! As for her other products, I don't know. Also try Laura Mercier's Secret Camouflage - it has two shades of concealer which you can use separately or together to achieve the right shade. Amazing stuff! smashbox also has a good foundation primer. If you want a bronzer try Benefit and also their Ben
  9. I would go for MAC - for eyeshadows, lipsticks and eyeliners, MAC is the best. With mascara, you can go either way but I like Max Factor's 2000 calorie. Maybelline is probably the worst makeup out there - it has the least pigments in their eyeshadows, the least shine eliminating power and the least coverage. I think it's trial and error - just because it's more expensive doesn't necessarily mean it's better. However, with some things, you just have to suck itup and pay the price. Foundat
  10. I wouldn't worry about it. Try another hobby and forget about your white bumps! It may give your girlfriend more pleasure! You know "ribbed for your pleasure"?
  11. Estee lauder is so bad for your skin! BAD BAD BAD Don't like Clinique stuff either. But whatever works for you is the best thing. It's just a matter of trial and error. I've tried the REvlon Colourstay and oh my god, I broke out like mad. some people are just more sensitive than others. I don't even know the brand of foundation I use. My friend gets it for me from her friend who owns a beauty supply store. It's a powder foundation and it contains aloe vera, no oil and has sunscreen - alt
  12. I think if you are getting 1 pimple every couple of weeks, that's good! But I also believe that if you are overusing products then it could irritate your skin and aggravate your acne. I would suggest using the anti wrinkle cream 3 times a week and just a simple oil-free moisturizer on the other days. And maybe cut down on the masks - they only have a temporary effect. The best thing to do is go back to your medicine like you said, and ease up on the other stuff. Let us know how it's goi
  13. My brothers are all skinny with metabolisms the speed of sound and they have acne. So it's not that people are overweight. It could be a blend of genetics (both my parents had acne), diet, activity, hygiene, the skincare products being used and just plain luck. And please, stop with the 'fat' thing, some people are overweight and some are underweight. Give me a freakin' break! I admit, I am a little overweight but if being the size of a toothpick is what you call attractive then I'd rather
  14. I dont' find threading painful at all. It feels just like tweezing. But it's the best method ever - doesn't pull skin, your eyebrows look natural and you don't get the little black dots like you do from tweezing!
  15. 1. Always use foundation on your lids to set makeup and provide a good base for your eye makeup. 2. Then use powder over the foundation to allow for blending and to absorb any extra oils on your lids 3. Try applying eyeliner first and then eyeshadow to set your eyeliner. Touch up your eyeliner if necessary. You might want to look into using liquid eyeliner, which is harder to apply but will not smudge and 'melt' as a pencil. Or, also try another brand. Hope this helps!