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  1. im pretty sure thats what the medicine does cuz very dry = red im havin the same problem just talk to ur doctor next time about it
  2. to like only the sides of my face would the front of my face be any red or irritated/dry? sorry if its a stupid question and thanks
  3. thanks for the reply and yes hopefully in a month the redness will be gone cuz it really sucks
  4. How long will the redness last like i mean overall redness of my face its like a tomato...how long approx. before it goes away? thanks
  5. well i can still tell ur veryyy pretty... just try to avoid more acne and ur skin and urself will be very beautiful... I would suggest limiting you dairy w/e it is like milk,yogurt, ice cream and cheese.. Also take EFA's , a Multi, Vitamin C, and 30 mg of Zinc, it helped me hopefully you too
  6. i would suggest taking it man the doc knows best accutane basically cleared up my whole face ..and now i just got some marks... if u dont kno this already try limiting dairy like milk cheese yogurt and ice cream this helped me and hopefully u too Good luck
  7. yes dude stop talking this as soon as possible and also would suggest limiting all dairy like milk, cheese ,ice cream.. anything dairy i wish i woulda known this before ....
  8. yea guys thanks for the replies but I dont think i have red marks because the doctor said it will take 1 year for it to go away ( pigmentation) but my comment was that I never see adults with scars that have color in them
  9. Im asking because i have a lot of red/brown marks and im asking because Ive never seen any older ppl with scars that have color in them basically indented marks with no color??? thanks
  10. they say acne is caused by insulin spike so it would make sense that skinny ppl would get acne because they process sugar and stuff quicker (faster metabolism)?
  11. I want to see what we have in common.... Do you have a really big appetite? Are you skinny-lean? Do you play sports a lot? Are you in your teenage years? Do you eat out a lot? Be free to add more and sorry if another thread has done this
  12. what if its a deep scar hyperpigmentation are the 18 months included in this>? thanks...
  13. would u be able to get rid of like pigmentation and red/dark marks from ur face? Yes I know that they go away with time but Im not sure mine will because Ive picked at scabs ( at least I think so) even though my doctor says they will go away in a year?
  14. PLEASE PLEASE Stop taking Whey protein I had the worst breakouts of my life while working out with weights and taking protein.. I had severe cysts and this never happened to me before this is no bullshit I would suggest stopping the lifting weights and taking protein every time I lift weights my acne is soooo much and then I stop its totally gone Instead I would suggest doing cardio like running, basketball, soccer etc this seems to help me a lot rite now i got ZERO acne Everyone is d