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    Rugby, Goin to the gym, socialising, getting clear skin etc.!!
  1. jellyandicecreaminabowl

    Aha ingredients

    Hey guys, thanks a lot for the replies! Really lookin forward to using this product now! Ill post my reviews on it over the coming days!
  2. jellyandicecreaminabowl

    Aha ingredients

    hey! havent been on acne.org in ages because my skin is pretty much clear thanks to dans bp! Got dans e-mail about the AHA and decided to give it a try! But i never checked to see if its non-comedogenic?! Could anyone shed any light on this subject! Iv been using neutrogena healthy skin face lotion spf15 twice a day since eucerin skin renewal was discontinued with great results and that contains glycolic acid so fingers crossed that dans does the same job! Hope everyones having success with the
  3. jellyandicecreaminabowl

    Non comedogenic hairgel

    Ok cool, thats great, thanks 4 d answers people! Ill try the aloe vera gel. And Yeah, if it becomes a wiki type website thatd be great Dan- we'd all be able to get our opinions across to these companies with huge budgets!!
  4. jellyandicecreaminabowl

    Non comedogenic hairgel

    Hey dan, i know ur working on loads at the moment but is there any chance of u making a non-comedogenic hair styling product? I know i for one would definitely use it and feel it would sell pretty well. Anyway, thanks for all your work!
  5. jellyandicecreaminabowl

    hair gel

    I used to use it and my forehead was pretty bad acne wise at the time. then i stopped using gel and my forehead acne cleared up completely! Itd be pretty sweet if Dan brought out a non-comedogenic hair-gel. I actually think itd sell pretty well!
  6. jellyandicecreaminabowl

    cutting it down to once a day

    Hi- ive been doing it just once a day for the past 3 weeks and my skin looks great. theres no redness at all. at night, i wash with purpose soap, use dans bp all over my face and then use eucerin skin renewal. in the morning, i just wash with purpose and leave my skin alone, unless i need to spot treat!
  7. hi hi hi! thanx for the comment. i havent seen u around on the org in ages. how r u? things are goin well for me these days! lol! hows ur 2007 going?

    1. Hey! hows everythin going 4 ya? Thought id drop by n see how ur gettin on!

      1. jellyandicecreaminabowl


        Hey! It could be the fact that youre using clearasil and clean and clear products- theyre usually really irritating, no matter what they say! Especially while youre on accutane, when your skin is at its most sensitive anyway. Have you tried any other cleansers? The purpose gentle cleansing bar is brilliant and non-irritating! Theres no way i could use anything else to wash my face! Anyway, hope that helps!
      2. Im currently using lac-hydrin5 and its pretty good! no breakouts or anything! It doesnt have SPF but doesnt make your skin at all shiny!
      3. hey there! thanks for the comment :), glad it worked for you too!

        1. Hey- just saw ur post saying to look at your gallery for proof that the regimen works. My god you look great- thats an amazing improvement. Congratulations!

          1. jellyandicecreaminabowl

            Darn you, Eucerin!

            Ha ha I know wat u mean angel fire- My eucerin skin renewal recently ran out too. So under dans and brandys recommendation im using LAC HYDRIN 5 which i bought on a recent trip to New York! Its pretty good-a little stronger than eucerin skin renewal but moisturises really well. it was stinging me for the first week i used it but not any more! Its the one im gonna stick to until Dans moisturiser comes out anyway! Hope that helps!
          2. hey there mark hows things? im not bad, just very tired, hence why i didnt get back to you sooner, im so glad of the break from college its been so stressful and tiring recently with a lot of stuff to be done by xmas..going on tane most probably early in the new year so im nervous about that too..but generally, im grand, ye know..anyhoo merry christmas, have a good one! talk to you soon, take

            1. jellyandicecreaminabowl

              A good UK moisturiser for acne scarring?

              hey rachel, the "eucerin dry skin relief face cream with 5% urea" is available in the UK and Ireland. I hear its really good and since it contains lactic acid, it should help with scarring since the lactic acid is an exfoliant! Hope that helps!