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  1. Hi, I have been using retin-a .25% (a really low dosage) for about 2 weeks now, in the past 3 days, my skin has started breaking out pretty badly . its all over my cheeks, sides of face and temples. What I would like to know is how long does this last? One week, 2 weeks, a month? I know I have to go through this "purging" stage, I just hope it dosent last very long. Thanks! Eva
  2. I think Johnsons head to toe body wash is the same as Purpose Cleanser. Same company, smells the same, both tear free (ph balanced for the eye)
  3. DAY 7 Went to a job interview today. I don't think I got it though. The right side of my face is all broken out. I think the retin-a is purging my skin. I hope its get better.
  4. DAY 6 So I have been stressed so I will probably breakout pretty badly. It happens everytime I get stressed. My current breakout is drying up, which is good. I have to say my skin is not as dry as it was, a little right after I wash my face, but not that all day dryness. The Neutrogena lotion is great. My skin under my bottom lip looks bleached. Its lighter than the rest of my face. When I do my makeup you can notice a little more, but I dont care anyway.
  5. Okay, so as i just took a shower and was brewing over my skin, I think i may have figured it out........ 1 --- i think its the concealer that I started using a couple of days ago. I am using Physicians Formula Concealer Twins Cream Concealer 2-in-1 Correct and Cover. Its supposed to be Non-comedogenic, however, i think that is what is breaking me out. the breakout is primarly where i have the most red and dark marks and that is where i use the concealer. makes sense to me. i am going to
  6. DAY 5 DAMN ACNE!!! I woke up all broken out!! I have acne all over my cheeks and temples. I have been being so good about the regimine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so pissed! I know that i have to go through this but it is still so damn frustrating!! I wish i could get a skin transplant!
  7. i know its not funny but i laughed when i read about your daughter drawing you with acne. my 3 year old daughter asked me why i have red spots on my face and the other mammys dont. i was heartbroken. but their honesty is so funny. OMG, I was totally heartbroken when he did that, i wanted to crawl in a hole, but yes, it is funny!
  8. DAY 4 So i have a few more bumps on my face today--again. I pray for clear skin I am going to stick it out this time, I am going to do this for at least 3 months!!! Please check out my post on the make-up help section. I am trying to get a makeup ratings page set up. Thanks!!!!! http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=79706
  9. I modified my post, you are right to want to protect your email address, i just thought it would be easier for me because we have limited space in our message boxes. I will remember to check it often. Thanks!! Makeup alley is wonderful (thank you for sharing that with me, it was fun to play around on! ), however, it is not really geared toward individuals with acne prone skin. Yes it is true that we all react differently to different products, but we are all here for the same thing--
  10. I emailed Dan regarding a Makeup Ratings section, just like the Product Ratings section that is currently in place. Dan thinks its a great idea, however, he needs a list of makeup products. Here is where you come in.... MESSAGE ME AND IN THE MESSAGE TITLE type the BRAND NAME of the makeup you are using. For instance Bare Minerals, Almay, Covergirl, etc. In the text type what type of make up it is.....liquid, powder, mineral, concealer. Please include if you wish, a rating on a scale of
  11. LOL, Poker-Butt, YOu are a freaking riot!!!!!!!! :D I can finally read your log without having nightmares -- thank you thank you, lol :clap:
  12. Hey girl, I am so with you. I am going to be 29 in a few weeks, I have 3 children and have had acne since i am 11 years old. It was once moderate/severe. I had every type in the book, and now its light/moderate acne. I went to a derm not to long ago and her attitude was "sure, you can go on accutane" but after thinking about it, i didnt want to because I dont even think my acne is severe enough now (i should have just taken it though). I wish I can get something for all these scars from all
  13. You look great!!! Congratulations!
  14. poker, you seem really interesting, but your avatar scares me
  15. DAY 3 Okay, so today I wake up with more of those little bumps on my face. I think its like greasy oil bumps or something. I tried to pop one or two, but they are not poppable so I left them alone. Best thing considering all my marks. I was a little stressed yesterday, so I am sure that contributed to the bumps. I am just grateful I dont have huge zits right now, though when the retin-a really kicks in and starts purging my skin, I am sure I will have them. One of the products I am usin
  16. I use it and so far its great for flaking. you will have to got over the burning and tingling that comes along with it, shouldnt last too long though, good luck
  17. Hey, why dont you try the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Face Lotion, with SPF 15. It has AHA and multi-vitamins. Its working well for me, and its 2.5 oz. I actually purchased the walmart brand for about $6.50 (us). But i guess you dont have walmat in the uk
  18. I use retin-a and use a pea sized amount for my whole face. I dispense it on my finger and then dab it on my cheeks, nose forehead and chin, then i rub it in in that order also. Also, I wait 30 minutes after washing before I apply. You can try waiting a little longer after washing too, that might help. The reddness, burning and tingling should subside after a couple of weeks. Retin-a is working wonders for me.
  19. DAY 2 Last night I felt a bump coming on under my nose, practically in my nostril (hate those) and it was very painful and a bit red and under the skin, today, it is already gone! I can't believe it. I am so happy! This morning I have no new acne, and my skin is pretty clear. I still have very very stubborn, little tiny painless bumps on the sides of my face and on my cheeks. I probably have about 25 all together, but they are teeny tiny, like the size of this dot . , and come in litt
  20. i tried it once before. it was good, but my derm suggested that i try retin-a so i am giving it a shot. so far i like it, and it also works for wrinkles (not that i have any yet) CSR is the Clear Skin Regimine (dan's Regimine). Thank you for your support, i really appreciate it. i think once i get my skin to the way i like it, i may try gentle exfoliation.
  21. baptista -- thank you so much you have been so helpful. i really like the physicians formula mmu, but i think i will try the ones you have suggested. also what did you mean by you are a PPP?? Just wondering. thank you for the technique tricks. i tried using the green however, you could see it through the mmu even with liquid concealer over it. i tried the yellow and you can still see it some under the mmu, however, i think i can probably get it to look better with some work.
  22. you dont sound snobbish, but to be honest, i really cant afford expensive makeup. i was thinking of springing for some bare minerals after reading about pokerbutts success with it. maybe if i purchase the mineral veil, it will bring the physicians formula together. as far as the color goes, fortunetly, it works great for me, its actually the perfect color for me. i prefer powders to foundations, my skin always tends to look like an oil slick with foundation, however, the most expensive one t
  23. Please tell me what you think of my regimen below in my signature. DAY 1 (NOT REALLY DAY ONE, JUST DAY ONE OF THE LOG, BEEN ON REGIMINE FOR ABOUT 4 DAYS) I am 29 years old and have been dealing with moderate to severe acne since I was 11 years old. Currently, my acne is mild/moderate, however I have tons of red marks and scars from severe acne. I have acne on my temples and the sides of my face (papules/whiteheads) and blackheads on my nose and sides of my nose. I get pustules around my "wo
  24. Anyone try Physician's Formula Talc-Free Mineral Make-up? I am currently using it, i would like it to have more coverage. i also use the yellow concealer with the skin tone concealer (concealer twins i think its called) but you can see it under the MMU. i have also tried the green one, but you can see that too. any suggestions? what am i doing wrong?? what has your experience been?