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  1. I don't even get outbreaks because I always have acne on my face (small, but noticeable red dots about half the size of sesame seeds, and a couple of red spots the size of the erase at the end of pencils). Could the Spectro Acne Care just not work? I mean, I hear so many great things about it.
  2. I follow the regimen's steps closely. After more than 4 months, I noticed that it works on an on-and-off basis. My skin will seem to be clearing up after a couple of weeks, then suddenly, one or two big bumps surfaces and ruins it all. These look like mosquito bites rather than the little pus-filled acne (which I have around 5-10 on my cheeks all the time; regimen failing here as well). In other words, I am in a constant state of healing, which is bothering me a great deal. I have dry skin. I'
  3. My scars are pretty light but they are still quite visible. They're light enough to be difficult to see them in dim light. What kind of chemical peel should I use? I'm mainly looking for the type of acid I need and the concentration. Right now I'm using 2% salicylic acid and the effects are small.
  4. i have around 15-20 of these light grey scars on my face and i'm wondering how i should get rid of them? will the normal anti-pimple gels work or will i have to get something to target scars specifically?
  5. my scars are just spots of gray. they're not like lumps of scar tissue.
  6. i use clean and clear's invisible blemish treatment. it cleared up most of my acne, but some of my skin is still scarred. will it clear my scars? i don't know if i should continue to apply it over my scars because i have pretty dry skin in the first place (not that the acid irritates my skin, it's just a psychological effect).
  7. at the moment i'm using clean and clear invisible blemish treatment to treat my acne. although my acne got better, there are some scars left, but that's another issue. anyways, i also have dry skin and i need to apply lotion on my entire body, including my face, every time i'm done taking a shower. will i make my acne worse if i put lotion over it? i have 2 kinds of lotion: one is very heavy in terms of moisture which i apply to my body. the other one is a vaseline lotion which is much less o