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  1. My acne was pretty bad before i started tane' due to the contraceptive pill i was taking, but BP sorted that out, i stillhad break outs and loads of red marks so went on 'tane. I pretty much cleared up by the 3rd month... been clear for 2/3 months on my face, just the occasional breakout on my back, which has gone now. Yeah i suppose its just one spot... i might ring my derm tomorrow and see if its normal i have 3weeks of tane left so... duno. My lips are pretty chapped and i ALWAYS use vasel
  2. Damn it. Keep picking at the tiny close comedone bump thing near my nose, i kept trying to push the bugger out with no effect apart from a huge red bumpy thing. It looks ridiculous.
  3. Before and After pictures of my Accutane journey!
  4. Wow. Haven't posted on here in like... 5 months! Whoopsie! I guess ive not been worrying about my skin and busy with my final year of my degree- yup very stressed at the moment! Well, my skin is GREAT. I pretty much cleared up from the 3rd month onwards... my face was looking great, smooth and soft. No spots but i do still have a few tiny bumps. hate those buggers but there not *so* noticeable so im not going to moan! I did break out with a red bump which turned into a spot just a couple of days
  5. im actually in my 6th month of 'tane and ive gain like 7lbs
  6. Hi, well im currently in my 6th month on 'tane (3 weeks till i finish) on 40mg so a fairly low dose, my face has been clear for the past 2 months or so, i will a few tiny closed bumps but 2 days ago i noticed a raised 'bump' which turned into a big red spot... im worried. I shouldn't really be breaking out now should i? In my final month!! I only recently spotted breaking out on my back (just the occasional spot,nothing extreme) and that is 100% cleat atm. I guess i need some reassurance that j
  7. Day 7 Ergh, the oil is kicking in big time. But im also get dry flakiness around my chin. Erm, what?! Oil and dry at the same time...?
  8. Still Day 5 Well the oiliness kicked in full force this morning, my face was like an oil slick... so horrible. I went to my friends for dinner and put on a little make-up... my face was shining like a beacon 2 hours later. Fabulous. To top it off im going away with 4 of my friends for a 4 day trip to london, were all sharing a room. I am sharing a double bed with one of them... god help her when she see me in the morning!!!
  9. And again... the freakin' sun is shining and im stuck indoors!!!
  10. Day 5 Didn't sleep well last night at all. I was up till 6am, by 4am i was so bored i watched Terminator 3 on my IPOD! I hope my sleepless night wasn't anything to do with 'tane.. because im starting my final year at university in a couple of weeks and can't be doing with tiredness!!! Gotta say though... Terminator 3 was good!!
  11. Day 4 Ergh, i have an obsession with picking every single spot that forms on my face. Will i ever learn?! I now have a huge red slodge on my right cheek... which is scabbing over to top it all off. And damn it, today was lovely and sunny and i was stuck inside due to not wanting to resemble a lobster. Oh the joys of 'tane