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  1. Wait, but sometimes, the red marks fade away, But I have another question. You see, sometimes after leaving a acne lesion to heal, a brand new pimple pops out at the same spot. So, if it is about broken caps then it is not possible that the caps are broken again right....
  2. wow, you have really found the right thing for you!! That's good news! Well for me, I would say I tried being on bp and it kinda made it worse A LOT WORSE!! Sigh now I am on Bio essence products. Seen minor improvements though... (crossing fingers)
  3. Okay, I know it may sound pretty lame, but it definitely works. Sometimes, in order to help myself forget about my acne for some time, I cook! Yeah, just make anything! Just focus on trying out a simple dish and do it. It can be even like melting chocolate and baking it in a oven till it's crisp. Try it and see if it works for you. Good luck!
  4. Good for you I used to break out when i was using aloe vera gel ( maybe my skin just getting used to it!) Maybe, i should try it again. Is it only for marks or can be used for pimples as well?
  5. does it have any skin irritation at first or any outbreak occur?
  6. Do whatever you want kidddda - try the medications and shop for acne products. But whatever you do , DO NOT TAN!
  7. Yeah, the marks on the cheeks are sooo hard to get rid of! The difference between me and u guys is that i have marks all over my face. You name it, I'hve got it! Sad.
  8. it is not really bad you know. mine are much worse. Try Delacin-T. i am currently using it and it works for both acne and marks. I am also under an antibiotic (lost the package and forgot the name). Anyway, it is a blue-red capsule and starts with a B. when i get back to my derm i will tell you the name. It might take like one or two weeks for results to kick in. So be patient
  9. Speaking of red marks i wanna ask something. you see i have been having acne for like 4 years and the thing is that even if i squeeze or not there is still a red mark. anyone has this problem?
  10. If your case is not really severe, i suggest you go for th serum first. Give yourself 6-8 weeks to see the improvement. If no improvement, then go for home peel/microdermabrasion
  11. Makes sense to me. But currently i am on medication and my derm told me to stop al my creams and stick to the regime for 6 weeks. it is showing improvement but should I still use sunscreen?
  12. I think it is safer to take the capsule coz sometimes the oil might have a stinging effect on the skin
  13. The most IGNORANT STUPID IDIOTS are the teens in school. They go like It's not really that bad. It is just a lot of red pimples. That's all. God, I feel like slapping them upside down!!!!
  14. Great news on your improvement. You could also tried Delacin-T. It helps quite a lot
  15. Some say a tan might help to hide the scars. Has anyone tried it?