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  1. 6) Every single Towel, Bath Robe, and various pieces of clothing in your house have these mysterious pinky white 'hand' prints on them!
  2. Personally, I always thought that Alchohol itself had little effect on my skin. Although drinking too much and leaving myself dehydrated certainly didn't make me look exceptionally lovely the next morning... Like baptista pointed out, I feel any spots I had that were a result of Pub crawling were mainly due to the other factors that go with a classic night-out. Smoke, Sweat, and lots and lots of hands and limbs all over the place.. and maybe that big ol' greasy Kebab wasn't such a great idea af
  3. Just remember, that with Creatine, you'll need to up your water intake significantly due to the effect it has of allowing more water to absorb into your muscles. Of course, with any 'bulking' stages of bodybuilding or whatnot, your water intake should be pretty high anyway, but the use of Creatine has been known to cause people to de-hydrate much quicker. So if you're going to have a glass of water - make that two!