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  1. I was able to get the Eucerin Daily Skin Renewal moisturizer w/SPF 15 (the one Dan recommends but is discontinued) on Amazon.com. This is the one with AHA in it. I have been using it for 6 months or so and it is fabulous! No flakes and my skin is soooo smooth. I bought 5 which should be enough to last me until Dan comes out with his (hopefully!). Hope this helps!
  2. You may want to try Pure Luxe Mineral Makeup. The website is www.pureluxecosmetics.com. Their foundation is great for oily skin and it won't irritate your skin or clog your pores. It may even help reduce redness. It has worked wonders for me. I have been using it for about six months now and my skin definitely looks better now, even without it. Even if you don't use the foundation, Pure Luxe also has finishing/setting powders that are good for oily skin. Also, you can get samples to try b
  3. Yes, Paula really seems to know what she's talking about. AND she backs up her statements with actual scientific research, which is always good!
  4. I have heard it's good for absorbing oil.
  5. I have found Complex 15 to be really nice, light and non-greasy. But it doesn't have AHA so it never got rid of the flakiness like the Eucerin does. Paula's Choice offers an AHA solution, so maybe the combination of that and the Complex 15 would work? Meanwhile, I'm stocking up on the Eucerin. Should be good for a couple years anyway!
  6. What about Eucerin Extra Protective Moisture Lotion, SPF 30? Is that their replacement for the d/c one? It also has AHA.
  7. No, what you want is Eucerin Skin Renewal Day Lotion, SPF 15. However, it is discontinued so very difficult to find.
  8. Tea tree oil has a really strong odor though, doesn't it?
  9. What's a good undereye concealer for puffiness and fine lines???
  10. I know what you mean about waiting. It does take a minute for the minerals to maybe settle into the skin or something and then it looks great.
  11. Be careful using this. I had a horrible breakout after using this for a few days. Make sure you really wash your face well and get every speck of it off every night. Alternatively, I would suggest using one of the great mineral makeups out there. The coverage is just as good, they look more natural, and they are much better for the skin.
  12. I started out with Cetaphil but found that it was a little heavy for me and seemed to break me out. I then switched to Complex 15 which is great and I highly recommend it. However, after being on the regimen for six weeks or so I was still getting some flakes, so I switched to Eucerin Skin Renewal Day lotion with AHA and I have been using it ever since (now on the regimen for 6 months). I love it. It is the BEST moisturizer ever. It is being discontinued though, so I guess that doesn't hel
  13. I would definitely recommend starting Dan's regimen. It's cheaper than Proactiv and actually works in the long term. And it will help to cut down on the oil too. But there is an adjustment period when your skin will be red and flaky. If you can hang in, it will be clear and beautiful in 1-3 months if you follow the Regimen exactly. I used to get really oily all over my face, even my cheeks, during the day. Now it's just my nose that gets oily and my forehead a little bit. In addition, I w
  14. I tried BE and preferred it to liquid foundation but I have since tried a bunch of other mineral makeups (Jane Iredale, Pure Luxe (my fave), Larenim, Melange, Aromaleigh) and liked them all better than BE. I just don't like the shiny look that BE gave my skin. BE is just the company with the best marketing so everyone knows of it. That doesn't mean it's the best.