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  1. Hi there. My derm just prescribed Differin 0.3% for me on Friday. I don't know how well it works yet, but apparently my derm was excited about it. He said he's been waiting for it for 2 years. I'll keep you updated though.
  2. I wouldn't try that... because the inner tube of an ink pen it dirty!!
  3. I had this blackhead next to my nose for a loooong time. I remember it since 8th grade, and I just finished 9th. My derm said that it will never come out naturally unless I have surgery, but I refuse to believe this!! Isn't there something I can do? Maybe get a deep peel? I remember when I was in 7th grade I had a humungo blackhead but it was at the surface so I just pulled it out. Maybe I can try and cut the top of the skin and pull it out? Is there ANYTHING I can do?
  4. I apply Purpose spf 15 sunscreen to my face everyday. My skin seems kind of discolored and I'm wondering if it's the sunscreen. When I apply sunscreen I do it somewhat sloppily and quickly (I might put a lot more in one area than another) and I'm wondering if this will 'cause some parts of my face to tan and others not to. No one can apply the sunscreen perfectly even, so the company would make sunscreen really blendable and self-setting, right? And it should be easier to apply than make-up.
  5. Long story short, i always wonder how something works, how I can prevent something, ect. Basically cause i believe I can naturally change the way I look. Anyone out there, do you think you can answer these questions? 1. Is there a way to remove hair and it will come back thinner and scarcer? (I heard that tweezing/waxing does, but since I started hair grew around the area I tweezed. For example, I tweezed my eyebrows alot and now I have hair on my forehead , so it grows somewhere else. Am I
  6. I have to wear shorts for PE and my teacher is a fucking asshole, everyday i dont dress is one letter grade down. When can i wax my legs again, my derm said 3 months but by then ill have an F---------. Do you think itll be safe to wax now? Since skin on the legs is strong?
  7. Hey thanks for all the replies. I guess its true, you cant force it. I do not like girls, what can I do? -_- But id like to mention something. I dont only think im not very attractive, but I think im a bitch too. Atleast im consciosly aware of it, but it doesnt seem like i can easily change it. My only good trait is that im smart and good at nearly everything (sports, drawing, everything useless in the world.) But its looks then personality that comes first right? Im doomed.
  8. Here is a checklist of nasty side effects I want to go away and stuff that needs to stay! If there is an [x], then the effect has left me. So that means I dont have dry lips anymore and my skin is still acne-free. I have been off for TWO WEEKS. NASTY SIDE EFFECTS [x] Dry lips [x] Dry eyes [ ] Get cut easily [x] Uber red skin (semi-gone) [ ] Back pain GOOD STUFF [ ] Acne-free [x] Dry skin (Leaving slowly but surely) I think I forgot some things, but anyway, what will happen? Will acne
  9. I ALWAYS compare myself to other girls. During class (which lowers my previously 4.0 grade), during a relaxing walk out, ect. Ive had crazy thoughts. First off, I have acne of course. None of the other girls seem to have. Second, I have a huge fucking head, ive thought of binding my head but then itll just deform it probably... or everyone would go binding their head. I feel ugly, and sometimes it seems like guys dont want to talk to me cause im ugly and girls snub me cause they think
  10. How many of you have tried it? My derm gave me a sample, but ive been using neutrogena healthy defense this whole time and its been ok. I dont wanna try things if it MIGHT be better but also MIGHT be worse. So please tell me if you have used it ^^
  11. You guys have snow?? I hate living in Hawaii T_T. Anyways I skip school because my skin, which causes moe problems in the long run. Bad grade = no money = no new clothes = looking poor
  12. I see my dad like twice a year... Hes not a bad guy though. He gives me presents and money without being a cheapass and never expects anything back. So family wise... I have no complaints but I wish they were taller lols.
  13. Heres how it works. You ask a question and the person after you answers. With a twist. There are different opinions of everyone... so you answer the last 2 questions and add 1 question! ex: POST1 Bob: What is your favorite food? POST2 Julie: Pizza! What is the most important thing for a girl to have? POST3 Joe: Cheeseburgers. Girls need to have a pretty smile! How severe is your acne... Okay get it? Heres the first question Is acne yur worst problem right now?
  14. Yeah celebrities arent as amazing as you think. I saw Britney Spears and Angelina Jolie without make-up. Britney has a huge nasty flat mole thingy and isnt that amazing looking, and Angelina is still pretty but not as much as I thought. And btw, Britney was ugly before nose surgery .
  15. Who thinks exfoliating is beneficial? Im not sure cause ive been exfoliating every so often since day 1. It feels good, but from what I hear it isnt so good for red marky skin. Is it one of those acne picking cases? (Picking pimples feels good, but it isnt good for you.) People give me your inputs. btw im on accutane (But in liek 2 weeks ill be done.)