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  1. WMMnGA

    Wendy's Accutane Journal

    I FINALLY got it after going through hell. I had to call them for my password because I needed my prescription before Monday, and the first time, after waiting forever on hold, I was transferred to a *real* person <gasp>, and she asked me if I was inquiring about the IPledge program. I said yes and she transferred me right back to the automated system. So, I call again and after another long wait, I was transferred to someone that actually took the time to listen to me, and I was able
  2. WMMnGA

    Wendy's Accutane Journal

    STILL haven't had heard from my derm today, I need my IPledge code..day 2 of no Accutane ... For some reason I can't load the IPledge website either. It states that I am forbidden from viewing the site...WTH?? Anyone else having problems?
  3. WMMnGA

    Wendy's Accutane Journal

    Ok, this IPledge shit is beginning to be a real PITA for me. As of right now I am without Accutane, but with my prescription in hand. I took my last dose yesterday, all that I had. I went to the derm March 7th, yesterday morning. I had not yet registered with the program, and my derm said that he hated to put his patients through so much trouble, but it was now required by the FDA. So he gives me my bloodwork lab slip, and my prescription, along with the new IPledge card and binder. He told m
  4. WMMnGA

    Wendy's Accutane Journal

    Ok well my skin is no worse for the wear. It's mostly clear, but I keep getting these huge annoying whiteheads popping up lately. I had one next to my nose last night and I couldn't resist popping it. I know I shouldn't have. All I had to do was press the skin next to it gently and out it popped...yuck. I dabbed it with Bactroban cream and it's almost gone today. I had one on my right cheek about a week ago (as seen below in the pics I'm about to post), and it's gone completely except for a smal
  5. WMMnGA

    Laurel's Acutane Log

    Woohoo, I'm so happy for you girl! To venture out without makeup is a big hurdle to overcome! I'm glad your skin is showing major improvement :dance:
  6. WMMnGA

    Wendy's Accutane Journal

    Yay, almost done! How are you coming along???
  7. WMMnGA

    It's Finally MY Turn! It's finally all about me!

    Ugh, that's just great. I've been taking Sotret, another generic of Accutane. I couldn't take name brand unless I wanted to pay for it out of pocket, my husband's insurance refuses to cover it unless absolutely necessary or specified on the prescription. Maybe that's why I'm still breaking out occasionally 4 months into my course. :doubt:
  8. WMMnGA

    What Kind Of Adult Acne Do You Have?

    My was pretty severe before starting Accutane, mostly on the cheeks and jawline. Rarely I'll get one on the chest, but not often. I've never had to deal with body acne, thankfully, the face was torture enough.
  9. WMMnGA

    When Did You Start Getting Acne?

    12-13 here too. I'm 26 now. Several? See thats what I'm afraid of. I'm in the 4th month of my first course now, and I'm so afraid I'm going to have to take subsequent courses.
  10. WMMnGA

    Your age bracket

    I just turned 26 in January. BTW, nice to see another Keith Urban fan around here...isn't he great? I've been priviliged enough to see him live 6 times already, hopefully more in the future.
  11. WMMnGA

    Wendy's Accutane Journal

    Oh yeah, I was hoping I would be in the clear by now. I'm with you, the uneven skin tone and redmarks are what is driving me crazy...well that and this damn eczema. I want to be confident enough to go out without makeup, because you barely notice the scarring without it. When I use it, it makes it MUCH more apparent. I still have redmarks from the blemishes I had before Accutane, and that was last October/November. The redness is mostly on my cheeks beside my nose..looks kinda like rosacea (sp?)
  12. WMMnGA

    Wendy's Accutane Journal

    I know, right?! This stuff has skyrocketed my cholesterol...it's crazy. I am seeing major improvement in the actual acne, I've even been getting lots of comments lately on how good my skin is looking. I went to see my cousin in the hospital a few days ago after she had her baby, and she and her husband were amazed at how much better it looks. Feels great to finally be getting compliments on my skin, that is definitely something that has never happened before. I still have small whiteheads pop
  13. WMMnGA

    Wendy's Accutane Journal

    Well I got new comrades . Noticed them when I woke up this morning. One is above my right eyebrow, the other is on the left, forehead, close to my hairline. Its probably be because I accidentally went to sleep with my makeup on two nights in a row..a big no no. Oh well, they'll be gone in a day or two..I hope.
  14. WMMnGA

    It's Finally MY Turn! It's finally all about me!

    I'm always joking with my husband that when we go to a restaurant, it never fails, they always seat us under the brightest light possible. Us acne sufferers know how embarrassing *that* can be.
  15. WMMnGA

    It's Finally MY Turn! It's finally all about me!

    Yaaaay! We can do this together and compare notes. I look forward to it! I totally agree with this. I have refused Accutane twice in the past, once because I was afraid if the side effects, the second time because I was breastfeeding my daughter and refused to give it up. She nursed until she was 23 months old...yikes! lol I got pregnant with my son 5 months after she weaned, and went on to nurse him until he was nearly a year. When I was done, it took a few months to build up the guts t