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  1. Sounds pretty good to me...I've got blotchy pale skin with redmarks too. I wonder why it burns though? :think:
  2. Hmm...I used to use a moisturizer that said non-greasy as well, that does not necessarily mean oil free. It made me break out. lol, that's where I used to get mine too! Just on the chin, back when it was mild I don't know why this is, but sounds like it's pretty mild, so keep on moisturizing, applying BP to the spots, and smile.
  3. A few weeks ago, while waiting for my prescription of Accutane to be filled at the drugstore, my mom wandered off to ask a cosmetologist if there were any good moisturizers available for someone going through acne treatments. What she recommended was Avene, a new line of skin products from France, obviously a little pricey. However, she bought the specific moisturizer for acne treatments (actually says on the tube, "hydrating soothing care, follow-up to acne treatments") and I'm very happy with
  4. I'd recommend moisturizing. Find a good, OIL-FREE moisturizer you can apply morning and evening, and after you shower. I had dry skin and acne too, and I just put harsh acne washes on my skin, causing it to dry out even more. When you're skin's super dry, it flakes off more than it's supposed to, and these dead skin cells clog your pores, hence causing pimples. Also try washing your face with a very mild soothing cleanser, like cetaphil. Also, no more toothpaste it seems to work because it'll d
  5. I didn't know anything about Accutane when I was prescribed it really...I had only heard about it. I asked my doctor later if I would have to be on it for longer, and he said no, so here I am now...
  6. 60 mg a day, for 4 months. PS. Good luck on your accutane journey as well!
  7. ...and a new big juicy one popped up last night. At the moment I have 3 largish pimples, which I hope are the last to come out before I'm done. My doctor said they are probably comedogenic related, and sure enough, I checked on the back of my Maybelline Dream matte mousse (which I used daily for redmarks, which I have loadsss of) and it's not OIL-FREE! I chucked it in the garbage. I'm trying to take it easy on the makeup, it's tough though, with all these darn redmarks. Keep your fingers cros
  8. I'd also advise against it while on accutane...I have a cartilage piercing I got done a couple years ago, it's never been infected until I went on accutane. They could have nothing to do with each other (the infection and accutane) but I wouldn't take any chances. Because an infected piercing hurts like hell.
  9. I agree with you, it sucks having to see that type of people every day. However, half of them probably have major problems no one knows about...even if they don't, comfort yourself with the fact that you're the better person anyways because you're likely much more compassionate and will eventually be able to ignore them. Maybe some of them do know what we go through...it's possible a few of them were on Accutane or something.
  10. Accutane, done on the 22nd. Friggen FINALLY! Skin's doing lots better, but I've got heaps of redmarks.
  11. Congratulations on your successes! You're totally right by realizing you can take life by the horns and put acne on the back burner. I love hearing about these success stories where people move on and try new things in their lives despite their battles with acne. Thanks for sharing!
  12. Oooh boy, so much for women's subtlety, eh? :lol2: