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  1. OMG! The ends of my hair are really light, people keep asking me if I've dyed my hair and I couldn't figure out why it would happen. Turns out, its the 10% bp I apply to my shoulders (used to have a shoulder issue, but BP actually prevents any pimples there now...so I still use it). It doesn't break off though...oddly.
  2. It didn't work for me...... I found the cleanser too gritty and ineffective at...um...cleaning.... the toner greasy and the BP was alright, but didn't last very long.
  3. I used it 5 times in a 72 hour period. They aren't inflamed, they're just...their own regular pimple selves. Its like I didn't do anything to them....except they took way longer to surface. From the description, it sounded like I was EXACTLY the type of person Zeno should work on. Crappy that I'm not, but I'll be honest, I can use $200 for a lot of OTHER things.
  4. So.....day 3. I've used the treatment several times a day (every 4-12 hours like it indicates) annnnd..... They're still there. Not just still there though....they've fully developed. CAME BACK. This is my last day of zeno treatments, as it has been 3 days and not one, but BOTH pimples have developed fully as normal. I would say this thing delayed them, which is even WORSE because had I not used it I may be on my way to healing instead of experiencing peak time. Maybe it makes sense...because
  5. Ok... YESTERDAY in a frantic moment I went out and dropped $200 on this little thing that sounds like a ridiculous idea called ZENO (see my thread asking about purchase locations in Canada). They said I could return it if it didn't work so I went for the attempt. My background.....combination skin.....my face is normally pretty clear except for the odd pimple every few weeks, I used to have pretty regular mild acne which was a mixture of small pimples to the 'undergrounders' in the chin area ev
  6. 5 hours and I don't really notice a change. I'll wait until tomorrow and check for a difference, there were 2 pimples and they describe exactly the type it should work on....JUST forming ones. I'll update tomorrow. But, I did keep my receipt. I'm starting to lose hope. As I sat there holding that thing to my face I couldn't help but feel robbed....and consider holding the mug of green tea I had on it instead..if this thing isn't a miracle worker I'm going to be pretty annoyed that I spent $20
  7. I tried hydrocortisone cream that I had at home once when I saw a pimple starting a few years ago. It reduced it, made me REALLY happy, and the next day it pulled a "just kidding, I'm back". I talked to my derm and asked if it does anything, and he said it didn't at ALL since it is topical and moreso for rashes or other skin irritations, pimples aren't necessarily a skin surface condition. I say it did crap.
  8. Sweet, thanks! The location I called just happened to be ghetto and not carry it, but I called a few others and they have it. THANKS! They said the price is $180, and that if it doesn't work I can return it. I'll try it out and report my results.
  9. Im DESPERATE. My skin has been crystal clear for MONTHS and suddenly...WHAM. I have 2 big fat pimples just waiting to surface. I talked to some people and read some reviews and because I"m worried about the effects of cortisone, I want to try this, but I have NO idea where to get it in Canada. I googled for store listings and can't find any..... I cant wait for delivery on this puppy, I need it NOW (also would like to purchase locally so I can take it back if its crap). I sound like an ideal ca
  10. I have a regular sized pimple on my chin and Im going in for my first cortisone shot ever tomorrow (its my birthday this week, and i am NOT letting this sucker sit in on the fun!) I live in canada so we have free health care but the receptionist told me some shots aren't covered and price could range from $14-$20. Since its just the one pimple I doubt it'll be $20.... but I'll let you know how my experience goes, at any rate.
  11. Do you shave anywhere down there? Or wear constricting briefs? Jeans that rub too much? It'll go away... if youre a virgin you shouldn't have anything to worry about.
  12. Hey, Im a noob to this site but i noticed this topic and thought I might share my success story. When I hit early teens I also developed acne on my chest and back. Nobody else in my family had this.... it just came to me all on its own (lovely, thanks). So... around this time i was hitting puberty my face also started flaring up. My mom took me to a derm since i had swimming classes in highschool and was moritifed to wear a bathing suit. My dermo.....well.... ONE good thing came of her. She pe