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  1. i used eucerin dry skin relief cream right through my accutane course and it helped the dry skin far better than any other products and it did not cause me any redness or new acne. i still use it now when my skin is dry.
  2. i dont know anything about honey masks, but i continued to use products on my face when on tane. your skin will be super sensitive so long as its not a harsh product then go for it, test a small area to check it does not inflame your skin. good luck
  3. im sorry to say that my pores are very big after accutane and they were small before i started
  4. hi corrine.i wish i wish i wish you have clear skin really really soon. i will try to check in more often. im sure it will all be over for you soon.
  5. hi everyone, i have not been on here in ages. i have been so busy. the summer has finally hit and it has been boiling outside, seen as we dont get much hot weather i have not spent a minute in front of this computer. i clean in the morning and then get outside until the sun goes down. i have been enjoying but my sholders are now very burnt so i need time out. we have a street bbq with my neighbours last night and that was fun until my daughter got bit by the dog next door, she was ok and it di
  6. that sounds better than the laser hair removal. i obviously cant do it for a while cos i only been off tane for 5 weeks. maybe the hair will die down a little because i was not this hairy before, it all came from tane. any experts know if it will go?
  7. after taking accutane i am now a hairy monster, which is not nice for a female. my jawline/upperlip/chin is all covered in a fine hair, but very noticable if you catch it in the right light. i have to do something to get rid of it and i dont want to start plucking or waxing because i will be doing it for the rest of my life. has anyone has laser hair removal done. i have found a place that offers 6 sessions for £450 which should be all i need and then maybe 2 treatments a year as a follow u
  8. ive been off accutane for 4 weeks and my dry lips went after 3-5 days, dry skin on body gone after a week or less maybe. as for my face still a little dry but nothing like when i was on tane. i have been in the sun with no problem but i live in the uk.
  9. im so sorry to hear that you are feeling down. you are great, what you are going through and you still have time to read other peoples logs and cheer them on. you may not realise it but you are an insperation to others the way you battle on, im sure it will be worth it at the end when you have the clear skin you deserve. on a lighter note how was the da vinci code...i want to see it. worth it or not??
  10. thanks corrine but an uodate on that job, its not going anymore. they filled it with an internal employee so i will have to keep my eye open for another one, im in no rush seen as the school holidays coming up my daughter will keep me busy, besides i enjoy being home with her. i stopped using the mandelic acid for a bit cos it started really irritating my face, i think its to soon after tane, so will try again in a little while. but on a good note i have been feeling good lately anyway and not
  11. thanks, all is well in my life at the moment. im still not at all happy with ,my large pores and reddish face but hey as long as i got no spots i be happy.
  12. that post was great, i could almost see you walking down the street. it was like reading a book. you should be a writer. and im sure you looked great and had good reason to be confident.
  13. lol i was writing in your log as you were writing im mine, i wonder what time it is there, its 7.40pm here. anyway the drive if i get the job is 5 mins and before i also used to drive 40. so i can visit my daughter in my lunch break so i wont miss her so much. hopefully i will hold my head up high, thanks for the lovely comments you are fab!!!!
  14. over 3 weeks post tane now, its going really slow so im glad its post tane not counting until i stop tane. my daughter looked at me today and said ' mammy you got no spots or bumpies any more' i was so happy. i have decided maybe its time for me to rejoin the world of workers and i may have a job lined up soon. it very close only 2 miles away, which is very close for the uk dont know about the us, my last job was 26 miles away. anyway im very nervous becuase i have been hiding awy with my acne