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  1. Yes, my acne definitely improved when I eliminated dairy from my diet. I doubt it would cure anybody but I saw probably about a 40% improvement, so it was worth it. Now I drink soy milk...tastes pretty good.
  2. I do Botchla's Regimen right after so SA and then BP. Works great.
  3. No more than twice per day.
  4. Well it's probably different for everybody. I also find that every second day works better for me and a little stubble actually looks pretty good too.
  5. That's quite possible, bulimia wreaks havoc on your body and the constant ups and downs of nutrients and hormones in your system is definitely not good for acne or anything else. I was anorexic for over 3 years and was even hospitalized for 4 months for it. It almost ruined my life but only 2 years after that ordeal did I get acne. Sometimes I wonder if the lack of calories prevented my acne from starting earlier or if the damage I did to my body during that time is causing my adult acne now...
  6. Botchla's regimen itself is the single best thing I ever did for my red marks, it completely got rid of the ones I had left in 3 weeks. My face used to get really itchy when I first started applying BP now it still gets itchy occasionally but I think that's normal. I never ever scratch or even touch my face though it'll just irritate your skin and you'll get pimples, I've had that mosquito bite thing before, it's just irritation. The BP probably makes your skin more senstive.
  7. It's too harsh and I wouldn't recommend splashing it anywhere unless you want blond eyebrows, etc. I wouldn't use it for anything except maybe spot treating pimples.
  8. Morning: C, B Complex, E, Bee Pollen Noon: Flaxseed Oil, Zinc Evening: C, Flaxseed Oil
  9. Nothing fades my red marks faster than this regimen and my skin looks very nice and smooth too.
  10. I drink soy milk. Tastes pretty good and dairy definitely definitely is bad for my acne. Probably all the growth hormones and shit in there. Never tried goats milk though.
  11. I think my face is pretty much the same in summer and winter but I had pretty bad bacne in the summer (probably about 15 active pimples at all times) and it cleared up in December. Now I have absolutely no bacne whatsoever but it might be due to something else, I can't be sure.