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  1. Hi, Ive been using my Dermalux lamp for the past 3 months and have found a big improvement, as already stated i found using it for 10 mins a lot more effective. Since using the lamp id say my acne has improved by 90-95% i can now go out and not want to hide my face and i can count how many spots i have, the spots i get are just small and are usually whiteheads with no redness. I know it seems alot to spend £100 on the lamp but id gone through everything that i could and after 10 years of ha
  2. Hiya. Ive been suffering with really bad acne for about 10 years, i tried everything in the world that i could think of, some things made my skin worse and some improved my skin but only for so long, about a year ago i decided to buy a Dermalux lamp, ok.....it cost me £100 but i can honestly say it was well worth the money. my skin is so much smoother and alot clearer by about 95%. In myself i feel so much more confident and feel like i dont have to hide my face anymore. It helped me so mu
  3. So far my skins not doin 2 bad, the bad acne i had on my forehead in 100% clear and mt cheeks are clear just my jaw line which is the problem at the mo! ](*,)
  4. Sorry to hear it didnt work as effectively 4 u! ](*,) I still get spots, i find of a weekend my spots flare up tho unfortunatly because i work from 5 in the afternoon till 3 in the morning im missing out on using my lamp of a night and also with working my skin gets oily. But through the week i go on of a morning of a night and it improves my skin a lot its just the weekends which are a bit of a pain. What was the diluted apple cider vinegar meant to to for tour skin because ive never
  5. Thank you! I keep meaning to take some pics, but i will deffinatly try my best to get some. Liz O:) xXx
  6. Hey guys! well ive had my Dermalux lamp for a month now. Ive noticed a few improvements: my pores have reduced loads, before it looked like i had loads of little holes on my cheeks and forehead now they have healed Also under the surface of my skin is so much more smoother and less bumpy and overall my acne has reduced by about 30-40% Liz O:) xXx
  7. Well so far it seems to be going ok, still too early for any major improvents as its only been about 4 weeks. Under the surface of my skin is still improving and doesnt feel horrible and bumpy, feels smoother and bareable to touch. /
  8. 8-[ Sorry ive not updated on my progress went on holiday on the 31st aug, got bak 2day so ive not been using my lamp as i wasnt gonna take it to spain. Sun cleared my spots up but i know they'll flare back up again. I'll be going on my lamp 2nite. One thing id say i notice before i went away was that since id been using my lamps my pores had reduced. Anyway shall let you all know hoe its goes. / Luv Liz O:) xx
  9. I was also using BP, but decided to have a go at tea tree oil and so far ive been impressed, its dried my spots up and took any inflammation and redness away. Liz xXx O:)
  10. Chocolate deffinatly flares my skin up although some people will say its not been proven. Also fizzy drinks. Luv Liz xXx
  11. Yeah i'll get a few photos. Had my lamp about a week and a half to 2 weeks, no major improvement, apart from under the surface of the skin. used to have little bumps under the surface which have slightly eased down.
  12. Hey agen ppl, I didnt mean for my post to start any argument or anythin 8-[ All i can say is that so far i dont have any complaints about the light box and i know ive not given it 5-8 weeks yet. For some of us it will work wonders, for others it may not. Also some of you may not agree with any of it which is fair enough. I just thought id post this topic and keep a log of my experience of the Dermalux and share my views with people about it, as some may be consider
  13. Yeah i know ive not given the dermalux long enough time to see any very visible results as it says i need 5-8 weeks and ive only had it a week so far. Some people the lamp will work for others it wont. At the end of the day if i feel my skin is improving even if its just the slightest because ive only been using the lamp for 2 days then im happy and that makes me feel so much more confident. As we all know having acne can knock your confidence and make you feel down. Love Liz xXx O:)
  14. Its not so much lazers so its not too bad, with the Dermalux lamp its 4 flourescent blue & red tubes and with the Acne Lamp its loads of blue and red LED's, from the research ive done for many months there is no damage to the skin, so far im impressed :D/ but im only into my third day, but i will keep you all posted with how its going. Luv Liz xXx
  15. The light box is a combination of red and blue light, the blue light kills any bacteria causing spots etc and the red light heals any scars. In the UK its £200 for the Dermalux light box, u can find out more information on www.dermalux.co.uk or if your in the US you can purchase the Acne lamp which comes in the form of a pod, 1 pod is $125, 2 pods are $175 and 3 pods are $220, information on that is on www.acnelamp.com. Love Liz xXx