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  1. I have a derm but they aren't covered by my insurance and I can't afford to right now. So the Internet will do for now lol Im 29, have had acne for half my life. It's mostly hormonal and got much better on low doses of spiro and doxy. However, about 3 weeks ago (right after a long trip) I developed a rash-like breakout on my forehead. Which is unusual since I don't really get acne there. its very bumpy, and I can see sections that have blackheads, and a couple spots I could make extractions
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    The first day of treatment.
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    Im going back in time on this one. It's currently week 4 but I just now started this blog, and I want to track my progress from the beginning. 27 years old and I've been dealing with acne in either mild, moderate, or severe cases since I was 14. Naturally, like most people, I have tried a litany of things. Found a few that worked: Ortho Tri-Cyclen nearly wiped it out completely, but unfortunately I cannot take that with my bipolar medication. Tamanu oil also brought my skin to a point of near