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  1. Yup, I've got the same type of scarring you have. It's like a soft shadowy texture. Very clearly there, but subtle at the same time. It's maddening!
  2. @publicoracle Thank you. And yes, you are correct. I am prioritizing my health above all else. That's why every last dime is going to pay out of pocket for my specialist. She's an endocrinologists. I am being seen for potential reoccurring Cushing's syndrome of the adrenals or adrenal insufficiency. @keving100. I'm a NYC native living in Greenville South Carolina and there's a doctor here who performs subcision. I don't know what he charges or how good he is, but I'm sure as heck it's a lot chea
  3. Congrats! Man, so jealous. I wish I could use my savings for subcision. I have been dying to try and improve my scars for the past 15 years and I was going to, but life keeps dealing me the worst cards in the game. I'm literally dumping everything I saved up for in medical treatment because I have no insurance. I have to see a doctor once again to fight for my health. Every time I think i'm ready to embark on this scar healing journey, I keep getting roadblocked. Why is life so cruel? Why can't
  4. So the Vitex worked for me. I took it over the course of a little over 1 month, 1x day 400mg capsules. Incredibly, the first thing it did for me within a day of taking the first dose, was trigger my period and start clearing up my acne. I had not had my period in over 5 months so for my period to coincidentally start after taking the Vitex was incredible. Absent periods is a longstanding issue with me since I was a teen. I have a history of hormonal problems, more specifically adrenal tumors. Th
  5. I'm surprised this post hasn't had any responses. Thank you for taking time to compile all of this info. Some of it comes as a surprise. Particularly the use of Zinc to counteract the effects of testosterone. I have heard quite the opposite. I started taking a food derived multivitamin (Nature's Way Alive: Women's Once Daily) with 15mg of zinc and I add an additional 10mg with as a separate dose. Can't say if it is helpful as of yet since I don't feel I've been on it long enough. I have a long
  6. @JackAlfonso They seem pretty soft to me. I think you primarily have rolling scars and maybe a few boxscars. They look like prime candidates for subcision.
  7. Don't be so harsh on his response. I for one appreciate being made aware of the possibility of a dangerous risk. I think you are the one out of line here. Sorry.
  8. Pretty cool stuff! You have similar scars to mine, except mines are more numerous and extend to my cheek area. I'm ethnic as well and we have similar skin types. I was planning on getting subsicion and I had an appointment set up for mid-June. However, I must have a black cloud hovering over my head because things happen at the worst time. Our car broke down and now we have to get a new one. It's an emergency situation and I wouldn't be able to get around without a car, much less make it to my
  9. No, I do not have unemployment. I had to leave voluntarily. They essentially made me quit because the agency couldn't keep up with the many account losses over the past 3 years. We lost nearly all of our benefits and the unsurmountable workload due to all departments slowly vacating was too much for some people, including myself, to handle. I was poorly paid as well. It's a tough market where I live. Not ideal for my line of field. Go into debt. I never buy anything nice. I never dine out or
  10. I've heard in the range of $175–$300 for subcision. I lost my job a few weeks ago, anything a derm is asking, even if cheap, I will likely not be able to afford it. See pics attached. Primarily rolling scars with boxscars and bumpy texture. All of them are my left cheek in different angles.
  11. Maybe I missed it somewhere in this long thread, but I'm still struggling to understand how do you treat diffused scarring/rolling scars. Meaning scarring that doesn't seem to have a defined point where it is tethered. It is hard to tell, but you seemed to have a few of them on your old picture. While most of mine are boxscars with a few icepick ones, I have numerous rolling scars around my mouth area and I think those bother me the most. I have been needling for a while but inconsistently. I'll
  12. Sorry, but this is not "severe".
  13. It's not your acne/scars it is your face structure. You look "chiseled", if that's an appropriate word. Guys in their early 20's still have baby fat around their face giving away their age. You look more developed than most 20 year olds and that's not necessarily a bad thing, scars or no scars.
  14. How old are you? You look pretty young. You are correct in understanding that acne scarring is very difficult to treat, but not impossible. The reason I ask your age is because there is a big chance that because you are still breaking out and your scars look fairly recent, your scarring may fade away on its own in time. However, this can take years and I know you don't want to hear that. I don't think your scarring is bad at all– I'd say mild to moderate. What makes it look bad is the fact that:
  15. Nah, man. I wouldn't worry about it. While it's still red, there's a chance it is still healing. I would prolong your next peel even further. Keep the area moisturized and out of the sun. It should resolve on its own. When you said scarred, I thought I would see a deep hole where the chemical burned through.