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  1. are you sure it is not dead skin? when i started using bp i had dead skin on my face(i used it all around) and it felt rough and scaly. and i would rub off little balls of dead skins while washing my face. maybe you can try rubbing that area in a circle GENTLY and see if it comes off. hope i've helped
  2. Age: 16 Sex: Female School/College: College next year? Acne status: Have red marks, waiting for 'em to fade Favorite thing about yourself: My willingness to help What would you change about yourself (other than acne): The reluctance to come to terms with my own feelings Favorite movie: Butterfly effect Favorite book: Milkweed What would you most like to be (job frame of mind etc): A writer/something art related Compare yourself to an animal: A hamster. So tame on the outside but bites.
  3. I've been on the CSR for 3 months too. Everything's fine - I still get a few serious nodules and whiteheads from time to time. But Bp gel has been doing its job. I'm almost clear except for the ugly red marks. So don't give up!
  4. Hi dearies, I started the regimen on 28th October last year and I have to say, I'm extremelyyyyyyy happy with the results - I love Dan's BP Gel and the Eucerin Skin Renewal(both which costed me a bomb to buy online!) and that Neutrogena's Benzoyl Peroxide stinks, literally. After a month of applying it everyday, I had to hold my breath every single time - ithe smell's so disgusting I wanted to puke. Okay, I digress. The thing is, are there any particular foods that help with acne scars? I mean
  5. hello swans! thank you! I'm still getting a some pimples here and there but over all it's good, at least i'm not getting angry nodules after one night of sleep! I see the improvment I'm not doing much besides the regimen, maybe except Jessfoliation, but only once or twice a week! The chin looks much better than before, yes, and i'm really happy with that. Just left with red marks now! Thanks for the advice, maybe I'll try a little harder to rub it all in today Yeah, BP's causing the redness.
  6. I use the Neutrogena SPF 15 (the one recommended by dan) Moisturiser after putting on On-the-spot neutrogena bp. what happens is, I put it only on certain parts of my face. And after the moisturiser dries up, it leaves this whiteness on my face. No matter how much I try to even it out, it is still white, and very very embarassing. I've been asked many times why my face is white. I'm still waiting for my Eucerin Skin Renewal Moisturiser to arrive. I have job interviews tomorrow, how am I going to
  7. hi people, i haven't been on BP for 1 day now because i've decided to use it after my exams - i think i'll cope better. but i still have redness on my cheeks and it's pretty much obvious - people stared at me in malls and also, my skin is so dry now it doesn't even produce that much oil in 3 hours (i used to become oily in 15 minutes) luckily the flakiness and tightness is gone WITH moisturiser. yep, so is the redness okay? i'm kinda worried i have rosacea.
  8. yes im the same chick! my face is much better now except for this!
  9. okay, i've been using the regimen for about 3 and a half days (half because i started the first time at night). the regimen works great but i had to stop today because once i put on the BP(neutrogena's vanishing formula) and moisturiser (neutrogena's spf 15) it started to sting really bad. after 2 hours later i had to wash it all off and put moisturiser back on it. then my lower cheeks started flaking like crazy making the sides of my face really really tight. i felt miserable. i thought it was
  10. hi guys. i live in singapore and have no credit card. would anyone be a sweetie and ship one to me? or i'll just have to carry on using the neutrogena one.
  11. i couldn't look at people in their face too. I WILL LOOK AT THEIR FACE damnit. no matter what.
  12. People are so mean to you guys I haven't met mean people like that but I've come close to some of them. I was walking with my friend in a mall and this lady was giving out flyers. She passed my friend one and none for me. When I looked at it, it had something to do with facials. I was so sad. She must have thought no amount of facials could save my face. With the same friend, we entered this gift shop. And this girl was just STARING at my face non-stop. She was looking and looking, as if she
  13. I will be your friend if you want to. I'm not lying. We're all here for a reason.
  14. Hi people, I'm asking about the regimen. I want to try this out because I have really, really bad ance. I'm desperate. I live in Singapore and don't think that I can get the soap thing for cleansing that the website recommends. So, I'm asking, can I use the Nivea Visage Gentle Cleansing Gel, soap free, for normal and combination skin? Please please reply me.