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  1. don't use it any longer but i used to use Almay skin smoothing concelaer. another good one is revlon's skinlights illusion wand, spf 12 included
  2. youch not only is that gross but that must totally hurt =; yeah screw acne! ({|=
  3. --ani thanks for the words of advise oK, here's the verdict i decided to stay on dan's regimen since i already started on it. if i see that its not goin good then i'll do the acne cure. but for now it looks like dan's regimen is a cheaper alternative IMO :-k thanks all i'll c how it goes an keep you up to date :D/ --Jesska
  4. yeah sweet illusion! their exactly like that.. Glycolic peeling huh? :-k don't think my face could get much worse LoL so i might give it a shot Thanks for the advice!
  5. i know i have those too! esp my forehead. do you think their pimples just trying to come out??? :-k
  6. i have so much in common with so many of you its nice knowing i'm not alone atleast
  7. yes! i have a walgreens about 2 blocks away! :D/ I live in jersey thanks sevas_tra, i'll check em out
  8. --emsyj282 thank you for the advise! i never would have thought of mixing the two together somehow :-k please keep me posted if it works for you! [-o< --Jesska
  9. --niceguy thank you so much I'm just so sick and tired of hiding my face with my hair or anything i could find! i used to be so confident and now i just wanna hide i will try to be patient and i really pray i clear up soon [-o< please let me know how the acne cure goes for you, im really interested in trying it thank you!! --Jesska
  10. orthotricyclen didnt make a difference to my skin at all ](*,) maybe i'll look into this yasmin instead :-k
  11. so are you doing dan's regimen, but just keeping the bp chilled instead? :-k
  12. it sounds like these products are a little hard to find :-k i found the site http://www.myacnecure.com/ should i just buy them from there?
  13. sounds like it has possibilities. my skin was fine up until i started wearing makeup and trying out different skin products, cleansers and stuff. and then it got worse and worse. i think my stress over it made it even more worse! maybe i should try just leaving the damn thing alone :-k
  14. i wash my makeup sponges and brushes once every week with gentle shampoo. if you want you could just buy a bag of those generic sponge wedges and replace your sponge every week, their cheap and work really nice and you wont have to bother with washing them all the time!